Luulampi Day-use Hut

During spring, summer and autumn seasons there is wilderness cafe open.

The hut is situated on a marked hiking trail on the northeast side of Kiilopää Fell on the south shore of the upper Lake Luulampi. It is close to the boundary between the municipalities of Inari and Sodankylä.



  • A tables and benches.
  • A wood-burning stove and a fireplace
  • There is a smoke alarm in the hut, but we recommend bringing your own device with you.
  • A campfire site, a dry toilet, a campfire shelter and a woodshed.
  • Take own candles, toilet paper and headlamp with you.


  • The hut is intended for daytime use. It can be used as a resting point, a place to eat, warm up and dry clothes.
  • You can camp by the campfire sites.
  • There are no accessible services in the hut.
  • Please note that it takes some time before the hut is properly warm.
  • When leaving the hut, remember that it has to be clean and ready for the next customers.
  • Make sure you pack a first-aid kit.
  • Pets are permitted in the hut, but only in case that other visitors agree with it.
  • Metsähallitus follows the principles of litter-free hiking. Visitors are adviced to bring their own waste out of the area. Read more about Hiking Without Littering
  • Safety on hiking.

Maintenance and Management 

Guidelines on using Day-use Huts

Read Guidelines on using Day-use Huts.