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  • Customer Service, Teijo Nature Centre 
    • Rowing boats, kayaks, SUP-boards, wilderness cabins, Tentsile accommodation, sauna, fishing permits and sites for campervans can be booked from the Teijo Nature Centre.
    • Nationalpark presentations can be booked from the Teijo Nature Centre.
    • Guided tours in the Teijo National Park can be booked from the Teijo Nature Centre. 
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  • Customer Service, Metsähallitus: rannikko(at), tel. +358 206 39 4700 (Mon-Fri 10-15)

Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in the Teijo National Park

Meals, where to buy and prepare

Shops and Restaurants

Campfire Sites

  • There is a campfire site at each of the 7 lean-to shelters. In addition, the national park has six individual campfire sites equipped with a fire site and a bench frame. Please note that lighting campfires is also forbidden at campfire sites if the forest fire warning or the grass fire warning is in effect. Check the current warnings ( This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a shelter and a flue.

Two hikers are lighting a fire at a fireplace. They are surrounded by sparsely grown forest and a lake landscape opens up in the background.

Cooking Shelters

During a forest fire alarm, lighting campfires is allowed only in some cooking shelters.

There are two cooking shelters in the National Park:

  • Kariholma cooking shelter is located in the southern part of Lake Matildanjärvi, about 400 m from the parking area.
    • All the facilities of Kariholma cooking shelter have been constructed accessible: the barbecue and cooking shelter, the firewood shelter, the dry toilet, the fish cleaning shelter, the boat stage, and the camping site. In addition, there is a row boat with backrest for rowing at the lake. Lighting campfire is allowed during a forest fire alarm. 
  • The cooking shelter of Lake Hamarinjärvi is located in the northern end of the National Park, at Onnelannummi camping ground, in the northern part of Lake Hamarinjärvi. Suitable only for bigger groups and requires booking. 

Rental cabin in Vicksbäckinlahti

  • Rental cabin in Vicksbäckinlahti, on the northern side of the Lake Matildanjärvi is booked from the  Teijo Nature Centre   

A rhomb-shaped log cabin with a pointed roof amongst old, tall pine trees.

Drinking Water

  • There is a tap in the wall of the Nature Centre, in Matildanjärvi. 
  • There is a tap at the cooking shelter of Onnelannummi , in the northern part of Lake Hamarinjärvi. In use only in summer. 

Waste Management

  • There are no waste-bins in the forest. Taking unnecessary waste into the area should be avoided. Biodegradable waste should be placed in a toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire. Read more about Hiking without littering.
  • There are two waste disposal points in the National Park. One is at the camping site of Onnelannummi in the northern part of the National Park, and the other in the Matildanjärvi parking area in the southern part of Lake Matildanjärvi.

Toilets and WC

  • There are dry toilets at all the camping sites and campfire sites. 

Overnight Stays

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

There are seven lean-to shelters in the area. The facilities include campfire sites, firewood shelters, and dry toilets. The lean-to shelters are located at:

  • Roosinniemi, at the eastern shore of Lake Matildanjärvi
  • Viksbäckinlahti, at the northern shore of Lake Matildanjärvi
  • Isoholma Island, at Lake Matildanjärvi (wood from Vicksbäkcinlahti campfire site)
  • Teerisaari, at the southern shore of Lake Puolakkajärvi
  • Endal, at the northern shore of Lake Puolakkajärvi
  • Kalasuntti Island, at Lake Sahajärvi
  • Isoholma Island at the sea, in the middle of the open water area of Teijo

It is recommended that camping takes place at the lean-to shelters because there are campfire sites and dry toilets. Camping is not allowed in protected areas, swimming places and near residential buildings.

A hiker sitting on a bench outside a lean-to shelter in front of a campfire next to another hiker covered in a rescue blanket. Their camp food is spread out on the benches surrounding the fire pit and their sleeping gear is inside the lean-to shelter.

Rental Camping Area

Wilderness Cabins

  • At Matildanjärvi there are two wilderness cabins similar to lean-to shelters, Vaappu and Lippa. Both can accommodate 6 people. Reservations by the Teijo Nature Centre 

Two wooden huts can be seen in the picture. There is a shared yard with a table and a campfire site between them.


  • In Kirjakkala iron works milieu, four old buildings have been renovated to offer accommodation of high level.

    • Insinöörintalo has conference and dining facilities for 24 people, and two rooms which can both accommodate two people.
    • Patruuna has conference facilities for 40 people, and three rooms which can accommodate two people each.
    • Patotalo has four rooms for two people each, and a toilet, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen.
    • Ylätalo has two apartments for four people each, and both of them have a toilet, a bathroom and an equipped kitchen.
    • In addition, there is a separate building with a sauna and a sitting-room with a fireplace.
    • Reservations: Kirjakkalan ruukkikylä (

Caravan Parking

  • There are 19 places with electricity for caravans in the southern part of Lake Matildanjärvi. These places can be rented from  Teijo Nature Centre 

Lodging in the Surrounding Area

Equipment Rental

  • In the Lake Matildanjärvi reservations are made from Teijo Nature Centre 
    • Rowboats, prices 2020: 3 h/ €, 6 h/ €, 12 h/ €, a day/ €. Fishing calls for permits. 
    • Canoes, prices 2020: 2h/€, 8h/€, a day/€.
    • If booked before also single and double kayaks and SUP-boards available. Prices 2020: 2h/ €, 8h/€.
  • Row boats in the sea: Mathildan Marina (

A calm evening and the sun is low. A SUP boarder is paddling near the cliffs on the shore. A forest is in the background.

Renting the sauna

  • In Matildanjärvi, you can rent a sauna that is located in the shore of Lake Matildanjärvi, approximately 150 meters from the  Matildanjärvi parking area. The sauna has a large patio, and two sides with a 8 persons sauna, a shower room, and a changing room. 
  • Reservations:  Teijo Nature Centre  

A one-story wooden building surrounded by forest.
Accessible Services

  • In the southern part of Lake Matildanjärvi, there are parts of the trail network constructed to be accessible for wheelchair users, for example the ancient shore of Jeturkasti (0,7 km) can be reached by wheelchair.
  • All the facilities of Kariholma have been constructed accessible: the barbecue and cooking shelter, the firewood shelter, the dry toilet, the fish cleaning shelter, the boat stage, and the camping site. In addition, there is a row boat with backrest on the lake. Kariholma is located at the shore of Lake Matildanjärvi, in the southern part of the National Park, about 600 metres from the parking area on along a gravel trail. Opening the gate: +358 (0)50 376 8855 (Natura Viva Oy/Teijo Nature Centre) or +358 (0)206 39 4700 (Metsähallitus). 
  • Accessible accommodation can be found in Patotalo in Kirjakkala ( and in Mathildan Marina ( in the village of Mathildedal. 
  • In Matildanjärvi, there is an accessible toilet. 

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • The nearest shop and taxi are found in the village of Teijo. 
  • The nearest bank and pharmacy is in the centre of the municipality of Perniö, 16 km away, and the nearest pharmacy which is open out-of-hours is in the town of Salo, 20 km away.
  • There are various shops and boutiques for tourists in the villages of Teijo and Mathildedal.

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