Teuravuoma - Kivijärvenvuoma Trails

A hiker on duckboards in the forest. Flowering labrador tea in the foreground.


Hiking Trails

Note. The wooden duckboards are in poor condition! (Updated 6.7.2021)

Starting Points for Trails

Marked Trails

  • The Telatie trail unites all three starting points. There are a few routes to choose from on Telatie trail:
    • Kurtakko - Teurajärvi, 13 km
    • Kurtakko - Venejärvi, 9 km
    • Venejärvi - Teurajärvi, 12 km
  • The routes lead to the Särkilehto lean-to shelter, which is a 5-km trip from Kurtakko, 8 km from Teurajärvi and 4 km from Venejärvi. The Telatie trail mainly consist of duckboards, so they are suitable for inexperienced hikers and the route does not require a high level of physical fitness.
    • Facilities: The Saarijärvi lean-to shelter, Särkilehto lean-to shelter, the lean-to shelter at the Kurtakko summer cowshed (Municipality of Kolari), the Jämäraoja campfire site, the lean-to shelter at the Venejärvi starting point and observation towers. There are numerous information boards in Finnish along the trails, providing information on the area's wildlife, mire ecology and origins, mythical animals and ancient weather forecasts.
    • Sights of interest: summer cowshed and barn.

Snowmobile Trails

  • There are no snowmobile trails in the Teuravuoma - Kivijärvenvuoma protected mire area, but there is a 23-km long trail from Kurtakko to Venejärvi, in the area's eastern side. There is no separate fee for trail access, as the local municipalities have trails for snowmobiling.
    • Services: Campfire sites along the route, such as the Naamijoki lean-to shelter.