Lemmenjoki National Park Trails

Hiking Trails

In the basic zone of the National Park, there are about 60 km of marked trails.

Starting Points for Trails

The marked trails start at the village of Njurkulahti, except Sallivaara trail, which begins at Repojoki along the Inari-Kittilä Road 955.

These trails are summertrails, so they are not walkable at winter time.

Nature Trail

  • Lemmenjoki Nature Trail, 4,1 km, starts at Njurkulahti and follows the course of Lemmenjoki River, heading counterclockwise. In the beginning of the trail, there are old pitfalls for the Wild Forest Reindeer, and esker formations typical for the rivercourse. After a couple of kilometres, the trail turns east, and winds along in the hillocky pine forests back to its starting point.
    • Services: Campfire place and information boards

Circle Trails

  • Joenkielinen Circle Trail, 16 km. The trail starts at Njurkulahti towards Joenkielinen Fell, where on the top you get a great scenery over Lemmenjoki National Park and Hammastunturi wilderness area. Back to Njurkulahti the trail goes along the course of Lemmenjoki River.
    • Services: Four campfire sites and a Lapp pole tent along the trail. The trail is marked with orange paint into the trees.
    • Sights: Joenkielinen Fell
  • Ravadasjärvi - Morgamoja Kultala - Kultasatama - Ravadasjärvi, about 26,5 km. The trails starts at Lake Ravadasjärvi, and continues via Gaskoaivi to Kultala by Morgamoja Brook, which in the 1940s-1950s was the centre of the gold diggers of Lemmenjoki. From Kultala the trail returns via Kultasatama (Kultahamina) and Ravadasköngäs Waterfall back to Lake Ravadasjärvi. This circular trail can be combined with Njurkulahti - Ravadasköngäs Trail and/or boat ride (timetable (pdf-file 106kt) either at the beginning or the end of the hike.
    • Services: there are campfire sites and camping sites along the trail, open wilderness huts at Ravadasjärvi, at Kultala by Morgamoja Brook and at Kultasatama, and a rental hut at Kultala by Morgamoja Brook. More information on huts: Ivalo Customer Service, tel.int. +358 206 39 7701 and Siida - Northern Lapland Nature Centre tel.int. +358 206 39 7740. At Kultala by Morgamoja Brook there is an information point where you can find out about the history of gold digging. Boat transport (pdf-file 106kt) between Njurkulahti-Ravadasjärvi-Kultasatama.
    • Sights: Lemmenjoki River Valley, Ravadasköngäs Waterfall, the Gold Area, Kultala by Morgamoja Brook.

Other Trails

  • Njurkulahti - Ravadasjärvi, 15 km. The trail follows the course of Lemmenjoki River in a barren pine forest. The river can be crossed at Searikniva camping site or at Härkäkoski, where there is a cable boat for crossing. From Härkälahti the trail continues to the open wilderness hut at lake Ravadasjärvi, from where it is possible to continue to the impressive Ravadasköngäs Waterfall, about 1 km. From Ravadasjärvi open wilderness hut it is possible to return to Njurkulahti by motor boat.
  • Sallivaara Trail, 12 km back and forth, starts at Repojoki along Inari-Kittilä road towards Sallivaara reindeer round-up fence. At the starting point, there is an information board about the history of Sallivaara. Return on the same path.
    • Services: Sallivaara open wilderness hut. More information on hut: Siida - Northern Lapland Nature Centre tel.int. +358 206 39 7740.
    • Sights: Sallivaara Reindeer Round-up Site

Skiing Trail

There is a marked trail for skiing and walking on snow shoes from Njurkulahti to Kultasatama and until Morgamoja at springtime. It is marked with blue sticks partly on the ice of the river and partly along the riverside. From Kultasatama to Morgamoja the trailmarks are on the trees painted with orange. The trail is about 25 km long and there is no maintenance. 

From Njurkulahti to Joenkielinen fell there is a snowmobile track which one can ski or walk on snow shoes as well. It is about 8 km long and it is not marked, but the summer trail follows the same route and itś marks can be seen.

Canoeing Route

From Njurkulahti it is possible to canoe up or down the river.

  • The Njurkulahti - Kultasatama Route is about 20 km. The regular river boat service uses the same route.
  • From Njurkulahti you can also canoe to Lake Paadarjärvi in north-east, from where you can continue to Lake Solojärvi, west of Juutuanjoki River, where you can end your trip at the boat launch place. This route is about 40 km long, and reasonably easy. Canoeing the route takes about 2 - 3 days. Along Juutuanjoki River it is possible to canoe to the municipality centre of Inari, but this requires experience in canoeing of rapids, and at least on Jäniskoski canoes need to be carried past the rapids. Alternatively you can continue from Lake Paadar on the quiet Kettujoki River to Lake Muttusjärvi.
  • More about Lemmenjoki -river route.

Canoes and kayaks can be rented from the local enterprises in Lemmenjoki.