What's Currently Happening in Punkaharju Nature Reserve

Ice road for nature management

(Updated 15.1.2021)

The ice road - made for nature management - in the pond Valkialampi shortens the tour-skating route.

Kuikonniemi dugout is collapsed and closed 

(Updated 9.4.2019, 17.9.2020)

Kuikonniemi dugout (as a part of Salpa trail) is collapsed and hence closed. It is not allowed to go inside and great caution should be taken when moving close to the dugout. Area is bounded by a rope fence.

Lammasharju Rental Hut

(Updated 17.9.2020)

Lammasharju Rental Hut can be booked from the web shop eraluvat.fi or from the service number +358 20 69 2424.

Winter News

(Updated 17.9.2020)

There is no winter maintenance on the trails in Punkaharju Nature Reserve. Stairs may be dangerously slippery as snow may be compacted on the steps. 

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