Trails in Uddskatan

Hiking trails and paths


It is approximately 400 m to the start of the Tulliniemi nature path from the parking area (Address: Vapaasatama 1).

Nature path

  • The Tulliniemi nature path is 6.7 km long and marked by posts with white caps. The nature path passes through nature reserve areas - all visitors must stay on the marked path at all times. The path is difficult to hike in some places and is therefore not accessible. A map of the path is posted, for example, on the information board at the parking area.

    • The nature path starts in the port area, but the landscapes at the tip of the peninsula will reward visitors hiking the entire distance.

    • 15 information boards are posted along the nature path. The boards provide visitors with information on the precious nature of the area as well as its cultural heritage, with regard to its maritime and war history. The nature path information boards are in Finnish, Swedish and English. 

    • If you would like to learn more about the Uddskatan Nature Reserve and Tulliniemi nature path before your visit, you can find it here (

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