Accessible Services in Evo Hiking Area

Invigorate yourself in the accessible forest landscapes of the Evo Hiking Area with mobility aids or prams. Admire beautiful pond and forest landscapes, fish from the pier or have a picnic at accessible hiking structures.

Accessible trails at Evo

Read the descriptions of accessible trails to determine whether you will need an assistant.

Other Evo trails

Accessibility in hiking structures


Cooking shelter: When continuing from the parking area, the cooking shelter is located directly on the other side of the bridge. The cooking shelter's yard area is rugged, with exposed roots and rocks. Next to the tables in the cooking shelter yard, the ground has an 8% crosswise slope towards the lake. There is a 3 cm rise at the start of the ramp leading to the cooking shelter. The ramp incline is 8.5%. The floor is slightly worn where it meets the ramp, causing a gap of approximately 6 cm at the entrance. The cooking shelter has a fireplace with a chimney. 

Piers: The ramp to the pier near the cooking shelter has an incline of 8-10%. The ramp has dropped down from the pier and there is a 8-15 cm difference in level. The pier bench is 45.5 cm high and there is a railing running around the pier. The second pier is located at the beginning of the trail. There is a 0-5 cm difference in level depending on where you step onto the pier.

Accessible dry toilet: When continuing from the parking area, the toilet is located directly across the bridge from the cooking shelter on the other side of the road. The maximum incline of the trail leading to the trail is 12% and the maximum crosswise slope is 10%. The ramps have a lengthwise incline of 11.5%. The doorway in the toilet is 77 cm wide and the threshold to the toilet is as high as 4 cm. The toilet seat is 46 cm high and there is a space of 77 and 81 cm on each side of the seat. Bring your own toilet paper.

Campfire site: The campfire site is located just before the start of the trail. The site is open on one side. The firepit is 42 cm high and seats are 45 cm high. The woodshed is not accessible, but it has a ramp.

There are tables in the kiosk yard that can be accessed by visitors in, for example, wheelchairs.

On the way from Lake Niemisjärvi to Lake Vähä-Koukkujärvi, there is a scenic bridge skirting the rock wall at Lake Ylinen Niemisjärvi.

Note! Next year (2023), a fireplace will be installed in front of the Lapp hut next to the bridge.

Ylinen lean-to shelter

Accessible dry toilet: The incline of the ramp leading to the toilet building is 13%. The width of the door opening is 77 cm. The inside latch 135 cm high and outside latch is 114 cm. There is approximately 80 cm of space on both sides of the seat. Bring your own toilet paper.

Fishing pier: There is a steep, 15% downhill incline on the fishing pier. As there is no ramp between the land and pier, there is a level difference of 15 cm. After the level difference, the gangway has an incline of 16%. Because this is a pontoon pier, it can tilt and move when being walked on. There is no toeboard around the edge of the pier, so be careful when using wheeled mobility aids. 

Vähä Koukkujärvi

Accessible cooking shelter: The height of the fireplace is approximately 1 m. The cooking shelter has two tables with benches. The tables are open at the ends, thus making it accessible for visitors in wheelchairs.

Accessible dry toilet: There is a hill from the cooking shelter to the toilet with an incline of as much as 18% at its steepest point. The crosswise slope is 8% in some places. The wooden ramp to the toilet has a lengthwise incline of 5%. The width of the door opening is 89 cm. There is enough space in front of the toilet seat for working with a mobility aid. The seat is 46 cm high and attached directly to the back wall. On each side of the seat, there is more than 80 cm of free space. The seat has support rails on both sides. Bring your own toilet paper. 

The lean-to shelter, campfire site and woodshed are not accessible.


A permit is required for fishing: Lake Niemisjärvi angling permit ( Angling permit holders can fish in Niemisjärvet lakes from the two accessible docks. Crushed rock ramps leading to the shore that are suitable for fishing can be found along the trail close to the lean-to shelter on Ylinen Niemisjärvi lake and in the south-east corner of Ylinen Niemisjärvi. The Niemisjärvet lakes are stocked with rainbow trout. There are seven accessible fishing piers with 85 centimetre high handrails on Lake Vähä-Koukkujärvi. Fishing is only permitted for persons under 15 years of age and only from the shore. A permit is required.

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