What's Currently Happening in Pyhä-Luosto National Park

A watery mire scenery, wooden duckboards cross the mire. There are fells in the background. The weather is sunny with some clouds on the blue sky.

Trail renovation works in Pyhä-Luosto National Park during summer 2023

(updated 6/4/2023)

The duckboards of Luosto Nature Hiking Trail will be renewed during the summer of 2023, starting in week 25. A 800-metre part of the trail will also be surfaced with gravel (the trail section following the municipal boundaries of Sodankylä and Pelkosenniemi near Pikku-Luosto Fell towards Siurunaapa Mire). Taking down the old duckboards will begin in week 23, and the graveling starts in week 25. The gravel will be transported to the grounds by a helicopter. If you plan to head to the Luosto Nature Hiking Trail in early summer, be prepared for the presence of construction sites and the temporary route changes they may cause. Waterproof footwear is recommended.

On Pyhä-Luosto Hiking Trail, the section from Karhunjuomalampi rest spot to Huttuloma open wilderness hut will be surfaced with gravel during the summer. The work starts in June in week 25, when a 1.5 km trail section from Karhunjuomalampi to Annikinlampi is gravelled with a helicopter. This is also a part of the Trail to Noitatunturi Fell. In July week 28 the gravelling work will continue on the trail part between Annikinlampi and Peurakero, and finally the Peurakero-Huttuloma section will be gravelled with the help of an excavator in August. The current knowledge is that there is no need to close the trail, but we apologize for the possible disturbance caused by the material transports and gravelling work.

Duckboards are also renewed in Yli-Luosto, Poropolku Trail and between Rykimäkero and Lampivaara. Wide duckboards will be built on the Luosto-Pyhä mountain biking trail between Huttujärventie Road and Kiimaselkä, to help cross the wettest parts of the trail. These construction works will start after the completion of the works on Luosto Nature Hiking Trail.

Tunturiaapa bird watching tower is closed

(updated 6/4/2023)

The bird watching tower on Tunturiaapa Nature Trail is in poor condition, and is closed for safety reasons. You can now admire the wonderful fell views from the duckboards of the Tunturiaapa Nature Trail.

Ukko-Luosto Scenic Hut will be closed between June 9 and June 19

(updated 6/3/2023)

The exhibition inside the Ukko-Luosto Scenic Hut will undergo repair work and the Scenic hut will be closed between June 9 and June 19, 2023. Repair work won't affect the trails and you can still use the dry toilet of the hut (in a separate building). We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the construction site.

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