What's Currently Happening in Pyhä-Luosto Nationalpark

A wooden hut with big windows on a snowy hill, behind snow covered trees.

Winter trail conditions

(updated 12/08/2022)

The majority of the snowshoeing trails of the national park are now marked with blue plow marker sticks. There is not a lot of snow yet and you can still access Tiaislaavu lean-to-shelter, Tunturiaapa birdwatching tower and Isokuru Campfire hut in Pyhä area and Ukko-Luosto Scenic Hut in Luosto area with regular winter boots. There are steep and at times slippery hills on the trail to the Scenic Hut, so having spikes or nordic walking poles may be helpful. The time of daylight is very short, so please bring a head torch or a flashlight with you to the trails. You can check the local weather forecast and sunrise and sunset times for example from Finnish Meteorological Instutute (en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi).

The maintenance of the winter biking trails has not yet begun.

Rental Hut price change

(updated 12/08/2022)

The price of the rental huts of Pyhä-Luosto National Park will be 75€ per night for reservations starting 1.1.2023. The change does not affect the allready made reservations.

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