Customer Service and Guidance

  • Fell Lapland Visitor Centre is open all year round.
  • Permanent and visiting exhibitions, AV-presentations and different events
  • Information on services in Hetta Village, the municipality of Enontekiö and Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park
  • Fishing, hunting and snowmobile-track permits
  • Bookings of reservable wilderness huts located in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park, Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area and Käsivarsi Wilderness Area and keys for the huts
  • Sale of maps, books and local souvenirs
  • Enontekiö Tourist Information (

Services offered by enterprises and other organisations

Food, Where to Buy and Prepare

Cafés and Restaurants

  • The café at Fell Lapland Visitor Centre is open from Monday to Friday all year round.
  • There are several cafés and restaurants ( and other food services in Hetta Village.
  • During late winter the café next to Pyhäkero open wilderness hut is open daily.

Shops and Kiosks

  • A food shop and grill-kiosk can both be found in the Hetta Area. There are also speciality shops.

Campfire Sites, Campfire Shelters, Lean-to Shelters and Wilderness Huts

  • There are campfire sites, lean-to shelters and campfire shelters in the Hetta Area. Most of these are managed by Metsähallitus. Lighting campfires is forbidden when there is a forest fire warning in effect even in spots designated for them. During the driest part of summer we recommend that you do not light fires in closed campfire shelters or in the fireplace in wilderness huts.
  • Campfire Sites
    • A sheltered campfire site on the grounds of Fell Lapland Visitor Centre
    • A campfire site at Lake Rautujärvi by Sammalvaara ski trail
  • Campfire Shelters
  • Lean-to Shelters
    • Närpistö lean-to shelter by Pahtajärvi hiking trail and ski trail
    • A lean-to shelter close to Yrjö Kokko bird watching tower ( managed by the municipality of Enontekiö
    • A lean-to shelter next to Sotkajärvi bird watching tower (
    • A lean-to shelter on the shore of Lake Periläjärvi, managed by the municipality of Enontekiö
    • A lean-to shelter on the shore of Lake Postitupajärvi by Sammalvaara ski trail, managed by the municipality of Enontekiö
  • Wilderness Huts
  • Campfire sites, lean-to shelters and campfire shelters in Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park

Drinking Water

  • The area's waters are usually safe to drink but they have not been tested. During warm days water should be boiled before drinking.
  • Read tips on drinking water on the Hiking in Finland website.

Waste Management


  • There are dry toilets at all the area's wilderness huts and at most campfire sites and lean-to shelters.

Overnight Stays

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

  • Camping is permitted as an Everyman's Right (
  • In the recreational zone of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park camping is allowed in the vicinity of huts and campfire sites. In the wilderness zone you are free to camp anywhere, but campfires may only be lit near bodies of water.

Camping Grounds

Hotels, Holiday Villages and Other Accommodation

Equipment Rental

Accessible Services

  • The exhibitions at the Fell Lapland Visitor Centre can be viewed from a wheelchair.
  • There is a toilet for the disabled at the visitor centre.
  • The lower level of Sotkajärvi bird watching tower, Sotkajärvi lean-to shelter and the campfire site at Fell Lapland Visitor Centre are accessible by wheelchair.

Services for Boaters

  • There is a concrete boat ramp at Hetta harbour.
  • There are also boat launch sites at Lake Muotkajärvi and in Ketomella by the River Ounasjoki.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • All the basic services can be found in Hetta Village: a bank, an ATM and a postal service point, a medical centre, a pharmacy and several taxi services.
  • Boat transportation and car transport services from Hetta to Pallas and Ylläs.
  • Many tourist services in Hetta have a sauna and showers available to use for a small fee.
  • There is one petrol station and one filling station in Hetta.