Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in Helvetinjärvi National Park



Following enterprises and organisations offer services in the national park. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism ( when operating in the national park.

Guided Excursions and Nature and Outdoor Activities   

  • Adventure Apes / Seikkailuapinat (
    • Skiing, snow shoe walking, berry picking, hiking, canoeing and cycling
  • Ekointernet Oy (
    • Planning and organising GPS guided trips in cooperation with local lodging and food service entrepreneurs 
  • Erä- ja luontopalvelut Hyväntähen (
    • Skiing, white water rafting, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hunting, hiking, theme excursions and nature excursions to national park
  • Erässeikkailija (, in Finnish)
    • Berry and mushroom picking, cycling and hiking
  • Four Seasons Outdoors (, in Finnish)
    • Skiing, snow shoe walking, hiking, canoeing and program services
  • Hiking Travel Hit Ky (
    • Hiking and canoeing excursions, program services
  • Ilon tuli (, in Finnish)
    • Nature excursions 
  • Kaitajärven tila ( in Finnish)
    • ATV safaris outside the National Park
  • Kelo ja kallio Adventures (, in Finnish)
    • Work welfare services
    • Hiking, paddling and snow shoe walking trips (also with meeting services)
    • Rock and ice climbing guidance and abseiling
  • Luontopalvelut Harnakka (, in Finnish)
    • Bird watching, berry picking, hiking, mushroom picking, theme excursions, nature excursions
  • Parasta Lapsille ry (www.lomakeskuspukkila, in Finnish)
    • Child welfare organisation Parasta Lapsille ry ("Best for the Children") arranges hiking, canoeing and abseiling excursions
  • Raatamo (
    • Hiking, trail running, theme excursions
  • RetkiEvä (, in Finnish)
    • Canoeing, hiking and mountain biking
  • RetkiRuovesi (, in Finnish)
    • Nature excursions and program services
  • Seikkailusyke Oy (, in Finnish)
    • Guided excursions (canoeing, climbing, hiking)
  • Teemu ihan pihalla (, in Finnish)
    • Snow shoe walking, hiking and theme excursions
  • Tietön Taival Oy (
    • Hiking-, cycling-, canoeing-, fishing-, snow shoe walking-, skiing- and theme trips, program services.
  • Tmi J.Kurikka (, in Finnish)
    • Hiking-, skiing-, cycling-, berry picking, mushroom picking and birdwatching excursions
  • Valmennus Caressa / Osuuskunta Iloksi ja Voimaksi (, in Finnish)
    • Work welfare excursions and retreats
  • ​Wild Hikes Finland (
    • Hiking, mushroom picking, fishing, canoeing, skiing and snow shoe walking

Equipment Rental

Food and Catering Services

Transportation Services

Lodging and Conference Space Services

  • Cabins Aurinkoranta (, in Finnish) and Siniranta (, in Finnish)
    • ​Cabin, sauna and meeting room rental
  • Haapasaaren lomakylä (
    • ​Cottage and sauna rentals, camping services, conference space
  • Jaulin kämpät (, in Finnish)
    • Accommodation in Jauli's cabin (40 persons), smaller cabins and rooms, conference space, sauna
  • Kaitajärven tila ( in Finnish)
    • Conference space, farm tourism, rental of cabins and sauna
  • Majatalo Walpuri (, in Finnish)
    • B&B accommodation, farm tourism, sauna, conference space
  • Parasta Lapsille ry (www.lomakeskuspukkila, in Finnish)
    • Accommodation for groups (also for disabled), conference space
  • Ravintola Helvetin Portti (, in Finnish)
    • Cabins and caravan parking
  • RetkiRuovesi (, in Finnish)
    • Conference space
  • Seitsemisen Torpat (, in Finnish)
    • Cabins
  • Ylä-Tuuhosen maatila (
    • Farm accommodation

Other Services