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Outdoor Advice, Metsähallitus

Information on the tourist services in the Kuusamo region, such as accommodation and public transport, is provided by Tourism and Culture Centre Karhuntassu ( and Ruka Info (

Restaurant services

At the visitor centre, a local business, Restaurant Ravintola Talonpöytä (, provides its services in the summer season. The selection of the restaurant includes lunch, café products and snacks. The restaurant is licensed to serve alcohol. Local souvenirs can also be bought from the restaurant.

Diners sitting at the tables in the canteen. There are products for sale in stands. Customers are choosing products by the counter.

Oulanka Shop

  • A shop in connection with the outdoor advice desk, maintained by Metsähallitus.
  • The shop sells maps for nearby areas, outdoor gear, books on the area, as well as souvenirs, such as domestic and local handicrafts. The selection of the shop also includes national park products (Oulanka, Riisitunturi, Karhunkierros Trail). Some of our products are only available in Oulanka.

Rappusten alla on pieni myymälä. Hyllyillä on retkeilytarvikkeita, kirjoja ja pehmoleluja.

Accessible Services

  • The visitor centre is accessible by wheelchair and pushchair from the parking area, which is located at a distance of 30–100 metres from the building.
  • The exhibition space can be toured by wheelchair and pushchair.
  • An accessible toilet and a baby care room.
  • The café accommodates 30 wheelchairs at a time, with special arrangements.
  • At a distance of 1.5 kilometres from the visitor centre runs an accessible route titled the Könkään kuohu Trail (100 m / each way). Along the trail, you will see surges of the lowest set of Kiutaköngäs Rapids. There is an accessible dry toilet at the start of the trail, by the parking area. The Könkään kuohu Trail can be travelled when the ground is unfrozen, from June to September.
  • Read more about Oulanka’s accessible services on the website of the national park.

The exhibition hall is an open room. Several photos and texts can be seen on the walls. A woman with a stroller is having a closer look at the exhibition.


  • Pets are welcome to the visitor centre. Always keep your pet on a leash at the visitor centre and in the national park.
  • Please pick up your dog’s poop on the trail and collect it in a bag. There are no waste bins along the hiking trails, so take the dog poop bags with you from the terrain.
  • In the summer, there are reindeer in the yard of the visitor centre and on trails. Please note that a reindeer that is startled by a dog may defend itself aggressively.

Camper Vans

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