Instructions and Rules in Vallisaari

Vallisaari is closed for the winter. Landing and moving on the island are forbidden during the time period 30.9.2019 - 30.4.2020.

Instructions, Rules, and Restrictions

  • Visitors can learn about the islands by taking a walk on the following marked trails: the Alexander Tour (3 km) and the Kuninkaansaari Island Tour (2.5 km). Stay on the trails, as beyond them dangerous structures and precipices pose a hazard, and there are spots that are at risk of collapsing. You should pay special attention to your children.
  • For safety reasons, it is forbidden to land or enter Vallisaari and Kuninkaansaari between 10 p.m and 6 a.m. Making a campfire and digging the soil are forbidden. There may still be explosives in the soil due to an explosives accident that occurred in Vallisaari in 1937. However, according to examinations conducted by the Finnish Defence Forces, walking and the use of motor-driven machines pose no risk in the islands.
  • Because of the presence of dangerous structures, the southern tip of Vallisaari is off limits (a location subject to restrictions on movement and sojourn, as stipulated in Decree 1104/2013 issued on the basis of Section 52 of the Police Act). Access and landing to the southern part of the island without Metsähallitus' permission is prohibited under threat of penalty.
  • A recommended landing place is the excursion harbour of Vallisaari and, for kayakers, the Torpedolahti excursion harbour, the Vallisaari main jetty and the sandy coves next to the Luotsitalo pilot house. Entering the restricted area in southern Vallisaari and landing there is prohibited under threat of penalty.
  • Swimming in the pond in Vallisaari is prohibited, as the bottom of the pond is covered with scrap, which poses a danger to the swimmer, as they may become entangled. Swimming is also forbidden along the cliffs of the Kustaanmiekka strait due to "mini tsunamis" cause by the backwash from ships. The suction caused by such backwash can be extremely powerful, easily pulling a swimmer far out to sea. However, you may swim in the sandy cove in Kuninkaansaari island. Note that this cove is not officially designated as a beach.
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and their waste must be collected.
  • Follow the rules of litter-free hiking. The less money needs to be spent on transporting waste away, the more funds can be spent on the management of the island.
  • Wear hiking boots and clothing. Bring some snacks and bottled water with you.

Organising events

  • Any events arranged on the island must be agreed with Metsähallitus, including the submission of an event notification. Instructions and a form (, in Finnish).