Location of Simojärvi and Soppana in FinlandSouthern Lapland Region
Municipalities of Ranua, and Posio 
Lake Simojärvi 63.7 sq. km, Soppana 11 sq. km, Natura 2000 sites (1998)

The Simojärvi and Soppana areas are magnificent outdoor excursion destinations for those interested in boating excursions and hiking. The areas are also excellent winter destinations for hiking or fishing. The areas forests are easy to hike through and offer hikers changing scenery. The Simojärvi and Soppana areas are well suited for short day hikes. The areas' trails are easy to travel and there are enough of them to cater to a hike lasting several days.

Lake Simojärvi is Finland's 50th largest lake. Its crystal clear waters lure visitors to its shores. A large portion of the Simojärvi area is protected by the Shore Conservation Programme, which ensures that Finland's most valuable shorelines stay building-free. The Soppana area is protected by the Old-Growth Forest Conservation Programme. A significant part of both the Simojärvi and Soppana areas are part of the Natura 2000 network.

The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland, Lappland, address: P.O.Box 8016, 96101 Rovaniemi.

This pages address is nationalparks.fi/simojarviandsoppana

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