Activities in Hammastunturi Wilderness Area

Avviljoga Kultala / Ivalojoki Kultala Rental Hut: The hut is closed until 20.6 for fire safety reasons. The repair work will be carried out in early summer. The cabin can be booked again in the webshop from June 21.

What can one do in Hammastunturi Wilderness Area?

Walk on Marked Trails

In Hammastunturi Wilderness Area, there are marked trails mostly around the gold area of the River Ivalojoki. In the middle parts of the area, there are no marked trails.

A dense mixed forest illuminated by the sun's rays, where three hikers walk along the trail. The path is marked with red wooden poles.

Go Wilderness Trekking

Hammastunturi Wilderness Area is only suited for experienced wilderness trekkers, as there are few marked trails and the wilderness hut network is mainly concentrated along the banks of the River Ivalojoki.

Go Canoeing

The River Ivalojoki is one of the most impressive canoeing routes in Finland. A detailed description of the route is also available. You can start canoeing from the headwaters of the River Ivalojoki, and continue until the Lake Inarijärvi. The length of the route from the village of Kuttura to Ivalo is 70 km.

Leafless time in early summer, the river seems to be flooded. Around the yellow kayak, the river swirls a little, with a paddler a red helmet on its head.

Go Canoe Trekking

The canoe route from Kuttura to Ivalo is 70 km long. There are numerous open wilderness huts and rental huts along the River Ivalojoki. Kultala open and rental wilderness hut as well as Ritakoski open and rental wilderness hut are popular amongst canoers for overnight lodging.

See the Sights and Scenery

The history of the gold area can be still seen in the buildings and the terrain.

Walk on Nature Trail

Outside the Wilderness Area, there is Kultapolku Nature Trail where you also find information about the history of the gold area. One end of Kultapolku Nature Trail is located along Sodankylä - Ivalo road, 1,5 km south of Laanila, and the other end is at the parking area 1 km towards Kuttura from the fork of the road turning to the village of Kuttura. In Tankavaara Gold Prospector Museum (, you can learn more about the gold history of Finland and the rest of the world. In Kultala Village of the River Ivalojoki, and along Moberginoja and Pahaoja Brooks, there are information boards about the history of the gold area.

In a rugged pine forest, two hikers stand among large rocks on a high plateau, with a dog. At the bottom, the river flows narrowly among the misty forest.

Ski Cross-country on Maintained Trails and off Trails

Kulmakuru ski trail, which has its starting point at Saariselkä Tourist Centre leads into Hammastunturi Wilderness Area. Hammastunturi Area is suitable for demanding winter trekking. Except for a couple of cabins, there are no services, so it is a good place for a skier who likes to make his own trails.

Go Ski Trekking

It is possible to set off into Hammastunturi Wilderness Area for a skiing wilderness trek lasting several days. During the trek skiers can spend their nights at the area's open wilderness huts. However, it is necessary to also have a tent with you, as the area's wilderness huts are concentrated on the banks of the River Ivalojoki, which is not the area's best ski terrain.

Seven skiers, three of whom have slings behind and the rest backpacks. Hikers ski on the river in the snow leveled by the sled trails.

Go Fishing

Hook-and-line fishing and ice fishing are allowed under everyman's rights, except where specific restrictions apply.
Angling with a single rod is permitted, except in the restricted waters. Persons aged 18-69 years must pay the fisheries management fee ( permits are sold for the Inari wilderness area 1564 ( and for the Ivalojoki fishing area 1567 ( Angling permits for restricted areas are available from Metsähallitus' online shop (

A man with a fly rod in his hand with a fishing line in the water standing up to his hips in the middle of the river. She is wearing sunglasses, a yellow jacket and probably wading pants. On the opposite shore of a dense forest.

Fishers need to check the restrictions on fishing sites at (In Finnish).
Residents in the municipalities of Enontekiö, Inari and Utsjoki who practise, for example, commercial fishing or fishing for household use have the right to get a permit to fish free of charge in the state owned waters in the municipalities mentioned above.
  • The salmon parasite (Gyrodactylus salaris) has not yet spread to the valuable salmon rivers flowing to the Arctic Sea. Read more.

The man is looking straight at the camera with his hands holding a big fish, whitefish, facing the photographer. Snowy ground in the background.

Go Cycling

Cycling is possible only in the surroundings of Saariselkä tourist centre, east of the Wilderness Area. The bike trails follow old forest roads of the gold areas. The trails are marked in outdoor map.

The mountain bike rests on a barren birch in the middle of a rugged plateau. On the right you can see a rocky gorge and on the left a low-growing raking forest. The shadow of the graph appears in the foreground.

Go Hunting

There are two hunting permit areas in Hammastunturi Wilderness Area: 1610 Hammastunturi and 1611 Kuttura. For these areas, you can obtain permits to hunt Willow grouse, water birds, Northern hare and small carnivores. Because reindeer pasture in the area, hounds may not be used in hunting. Permits can be bought from Metsähallitus' online shop (

Kuttura and Hammaskaira are hunting areas favoured by the local residents. People who permanently live in the municipality of Inari have a right to hunt on the state owned land free of charge.

Go Berry and Mushroom Picking

The landscape in Hammastunturi area is not lush, but in suitable places you can find Lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), Blueberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) and Cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus). Mushrooms, especially Boleti (Boletacea), Milk Caps (Lactarius) and Russulas (Russula), can be found and it is allowed to pick them, unless you want to leave them for reindeer to eat in the autumn, like reindeer herders do.

Go Swimming

The waters in the wilderness are clear and cold, and do not necessarily attract swimmers, unless it is an exceptionally hot summer day. Even then, swimming might not be too pleasant, because there are plenty of mosquitoes and blackflies.