Map of surroundings of Viiankiaapa. © Metsähallitus 2012

Viiankiaapa Mire Reserve is located on the eastern side of main road E75, approximately 20 km north of Sodankylä.


By Public Transportation

  • Coaches that take you to the village of Kersilö run daily along main road 4 (E75) from Sodankylä to Ivalo and from Ivalo to Sodankylä. There is a regular coach service to the village of Siurunmaa on weekdays. For timetables, go to the Matkahuolto website (

By Car

  • From Sodankylä, drive 20 km north along road 4 (E75) to the village of Kersilö. At the northern end of the village, turn to the road to Moskuvaara. Once you have crossed the River Kitinen, you will be at the starting point for the nature trails. To reach the starting point of the one-way nature trail in Siurunmaa, drive about 12 km along the Tanhua–Savukoski road 967, which begins in Sodankylä, to the eastern end of the village of Siurunmaa. Turn north, to the direction of Myllykylänpää. The distance from road 967 to the starting point of the trail is about 1 km.

Starting Points for Excursions

  • In the village of Kersilö, along the River Kitinen, there is a parking area in use all year round. At the eastern end of the village of Siurunmaa, turn north and drive about 1 km along the road to Myllykylänpää to reach the starting point of the trail.


Electronic Maps

Map of Viiankiaapa © Metsähallitus 2014

Other Maps

  • Topographic maps number U443 Sattanen and U521 Kelujärvi, 1:50 000. These maps can be purchased from Karttakeskus and the offices of the National Land Survey of Finland.
  • GT tiekartta Pohjois-Suomi: GT Roadmap Finland North, 2013, 1:400 000. The maps are sold by Karttakeskus and well-stocked bookstores.

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