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Pilke Science Centre. Photo: Pekka Koski.

Welcome to Science Centre Pilke

Pilke is Metsähallitus's office building in Rovaniemi, northern Finland. Pilke House's Customer Service offers information on all services provided by Metsähallitus including trail permits and hiking advice. Visitors will also find a selection of forest-themed products at Pilke Shop, next to the customer service. Science Centre Pilke downstairs introduces northern forests and the multiple ways in which we are daily connected to forests and their produce.

Opening Hours in 2023

Science Centre Pilke:

Mon 9–16, Tue–Fri 9–18, Sat–Sun 10–16
Tue–Fri 9–18, Sat–Sun 10–16 (closed on Mondays)
Mon 9–16, Tue–Fri 9–18, Sat–Sun 10–16
1.9.– 30.11.2023
Tue–Fri 9–18, Sat–Sun 10–16 (closed on Mondays)

Mon 9–16, Tue–Fri 9–18, Sat–Sun 10–16

Pilke Info and Shop:

Mon 8–16
Tue-Fri 8–18
Sat-Sun 10–16


Check the opening hours on Science Centre Pilke's website (

Easter Monday, First of May and Christmas Eve 24.12. Science Centre is closed

We reserve the right to make changes.

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Contact Information

Address: Ounasjoentie 6, 96200  Rovaniemi, Finland

Telephone: +358 206 39 7820

E-mail: pilke(at)

Location: Rovaniemi, Lapland. For more information of events in Pilke, go to Pilke Science Centre's website (

Arrival: By car and public transportation. Read more (

Visit: Pilke Science Centre and Pilke Shop. For ticket prices and opening hours, go to Pilke Science Centre's website (

Things to Do and See: Pilke House is a fine example of skilful Finnish wood construction. Read more (

Suitability: Suited for persons of all ages who are interested in the forest and our relationship with it. Pilke is an excellent destination for the entire family and is also a good choice for daycare and school groups, workplace health promotion, and pensioners. Accessible to all.

Services: Shop, hiking information, permits (logging residue, fishing, hunting, and trail), WLAN. For more information, go to Pilke Science Centre´s website (

The Nature Centre is managed by Metsähallitus.

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