Directions to Uddskatan


The Uddskatan and Tulliniemi Nature Reserves  are located on the tip of the Hankoniemi peninsula, southwest of the Hango city area. Visitors to the area must stay on the marked path at all times.

By public transportation

  • Hango city can be reached by bus ( and train ( from all over Finland. The distance from the Hanko bus station to the parking area at Vapaasatama 1 is just over 2 km. From the parking area, it is an approximately 400 m walk to the start of the Tulliniemi nature path.

By car

  • Drive to Hanko on Hanko-Hyvinkääntiet (National road no. 25). Within the city limits, the road name changes to Santalantie. Drive along Esplanaadi through Hanko city until you reach the parking area at Vapaasatama 1. From the parking area, it is an approximately 400 m walk to the start of the nature path.

By bike

  • Hankoniemi and its nature sites on the southern shore are outstanding for bike outings. There is less traffic on the old road leading to Hanko that passes, for example, Dagmar Park and Täktom (In Swedish). Take a break along the way and visit these beautiful nature sites. You won’t regret it! Then, continue south. The Hanko city coast road follows the sightseeing route. You can find more information on cycling routes here (

Starting points for excursions

  • The parking area for the nature reserve area is located in the north part of Freeport (Vapaasatama) (Vapaasatama 1, Hanko). The start of the nature path is approximately 400 m from the parking area.

Winter. A large wooden structure, a gate. Two visitors walk through the gate on their way to the Tulludden nature trail.