The services mentioned on this page are those found on the part of Nordkalott Trail running through Finland, except wilderness huts in which case those in Norway and Sweden are included.

Drinking Water

Water is mostly drinkable in the area's rivers. However, water is not examined and the use is at one's own risk. If the weather is warm, water should be boiled. In the vicinity of the huts, water can be taken upstream of the nearest river and far enough from the buildings.

Waste Management

  • It is the responsibility of each hiker to dispose of waste that accumulates during your trip.
  • There are waste bins at wilderness huts except Kuonjarjoki wilderness hut.
  • You can get more information on recycling and waste management on the Hiking Without Littering page.

Firewood Supply

Ready chopped firewood is supplied to all open and reservable wilderness huts in early spring. Firewood is only intended for burning inside the hut wood stoves, never in campfires. As wood is brought to Käsivarsi Wilderness Area from far away and transportation is expensive, please burn wood sparely.

Maintenance and Management

The use of Metsähallitus' services is subject to a fee for companies

If a travel company takes its customers to destinations maintained by Metsähallitus, it is subject to a fee ( Fees are paid in advance via the Erä online store. Invoicing can be agreed with contract companies on a seasonal basis.

Overnight Stays

Open Wilderness Huts and Reservable Wilderness Huts in Finland

Metsähallitus has 8 open wilderness huts and 6 reservable wilderness huts along the Nordkalott Trail. Hiker can stay overnight for 1 to 2 nights in an open wilderness hut or rent a bunk from a reservable wilderness hut for 1 to 2 nights. To book reservable hut places, first see the reservation calendar at the hut page.

Wilderness Huts in Norway

Wilderness Huts in Sweden

  • The wilderness huts on the part of the trail running through Sweden are owned by Svenska Turistförening ( STF. During peak season there is a STF employee at each hut who accepts payment for the huts and can give information and guidance.
  • Huts along Sweden's Kungsleden Trail have kiosks which sell basic necessities incl. foodstuff.

Lodging in the Surrounding Area

Information on lodging in the area surrounding Kilpisjärvi Village can be found on the page partners.

Equipment Rental

Information on renting hiking equipment: