Isojärvi National Park is an old logging site with a range of activities on offer from hiking and canoeing to just admiring breathtaking views.

Parts of the park are closed to the public during certain times of the year. Please respect the signs!

Two hikers with large backpacks on a trail in the woods.Walk on Marked Trails

The park is a great hiking destination: Circular trails of varying lengths (3 - 11 km) follow the tracks of loggers and beavers. You can also take the overnight equipment with you and combine the two longest circular trails into a 20 kilometer route that goes around the entire park. The trails are mostly demanding due to height differences and rocky paths. Majavapolku trail is easy to walk. The trail from Heretty cabin to Kannuslahti campfire site (500 m each way) is accessible with assistance.

Canoeing and Rowing

Lake Isojärvi is 20 kilometres long and as narrow as a fjord in places – ideal for canoeing! The best place to set off is by the car park at Nokipohja, northwest of Huhtala Croft. You can rent a rowing boat, a canoe or a kayak from the Heretty summer cafe or from other partner enterprises of the national park

A child and an adult paddling on a green canoe.


Heretty cabin was built in 1946–1947 as a base for forestry workers. The cabin and its outbuildings have remained unchanged through the years. There is a cafe and rental rooms in summertime in Heretty and there is also a fascinating photographic exhibition about forestry in the cabin.

Huhtala Croft dates back to the late 18th and early 19th centuries, and its log buildings are among the best examples of this generation of buildings in the country.

Other Activities

  • Geocaching: See your surroundings in a new light! Geocaching brings an element of adventure to a hike in the woods.
  • Skiing: There are no restrictions on skiing in the park, although there are no maintained ski trails. The park's hilly terrain, frozen lakes and narrow isthmuses provide skiers with plenty of variation and physical challenges. Watch out for thin ice!
  • Fishing:
  • Snowshoeing: Snowshoeing is a great way to explore the park's hilly terrain in the winter.
  • Mountain biking: Mountain biking is allowed only along the roads and the 16 km long Isojärvi mountain biking trail (Isojärvi MTB -trail, pdf 0.9 MB,

Three bikers with fatbikes on duckboards in the woods.

  • Pick Berries and Mushrooms: Berry and mushroom picking is allowed throughout the park with the exception of the restricted areas of Lortikanvuori hill and the woods of Latokuusikko. Some of the islands of Lake Isojärvi are off limits during the bird breeding season from 1 May to 31 July.

Close-up of blueberries.

  • Swimming: There is no official beach, but there are many places that are suitable for swimming in the park.
  • Voluntary Work: Would you like to try your hand at sheep herding, hay making or tree cutting? There are many fun ways to contribute to the park's maintenance.