Go on an active holiday onto the wooded hills and enjoy the outdoor life! Guided tours, equipment rental, transportation services, catering services and accommodation are provided by Syöte National Park partners.

A mountain biker on a trail in the woods.

Mountain Biking

Cycle in the best terrain in Finland! The routes will take you to sections that demand high skills, but also to stretches where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and pleasant downhill runs. In the Syöte region, there are three mountain bike routes to choose from: by combining these routes, you can pedal close to 80 km. There are very few road sections along these routes! You can start all routes at the Syöte Visitor Centre, where you can get tips and maps. You can also hire a bicycle from the entrepreneurs in the region. The most enthusiastic cyclists do not forget Syöte in winter, either: they have been seen pedalling on crusty snow, whilst wearing fur caps!

Watch the Syötteen kierros MTB Trail video (youtube.com).

A skier and a dog on a skiing trail.

Cross-Country Skiing

Go skiing in the magical snow-crowned forests! The well-managed ski trails will take you to the gorgeous snowy forests. The ski season often starts in November-December, and at the time of the annual skiing holiday of schools, the cross-country skiing network is at its widest (more than one hundred kilometres long). 

The canine members of your family are also allowed to enjoy running at Syöte: dog skijoring is allowed on most ski trails.

Warm juice and sausages grilled by skiers themselves taste good at rest spots. A good spot for starting a skiing excursion is the Syöte Visitor Centre, which also has large parking areas and up-to-date information on the condition of the ski trails. No one is so busy on their holiday that they would not have time to have a doughnut at the Ahmatupa wilderness café. Having experienced all this, hire a bed and stay overnight at the Ahmatupa Rental Hut - you can wash the sweat off there in the sauna.

Lauttalampi lean-to seen from across the pond. There's a mountain bike by the shore of the pond.


Come and visit the national park in the summer or admire the autumn colours from the top of a wooded hill. In the old spruce forests of Syöte, you can hear the twittering of red-flanked bluetails, and on the nature trails, you can familiarise yourself with the natural features of Syöte, as seen through the eyes of the old Naavaparta ("the bearded forest spirit"). A day trip to the former Crown tenant farm is a trip back in time. The four nature trails in the national park present the natural features and atmosphere of the region in an amusing way.

The trekking trails (more than 100 km) are well marked. Children and the disabled have been taken into account: some trails are also accessible with a pram or by wheelchair. Those looking for challenges can choose trails that require an overnight stay or longer hikes. Along the trails, you will find rest spots for making a campfire and for overnight stays, such as lean-to shelters and huts. The Syöte Visitor Centre provides trekking tips. A child backpack carrier is also available for hire.

Other Activities

  • Fishing: Brown trout and grayling are lurking in the waters of the Pärjänjoki recreational fishing area. You can buy a fishing permit for the area at the Syöte Visitor Centre. Good luck in fishing!
  • Birdwatching: Red-flanked bluetails twitter in the morning in May and the views of the golden eagles open out from the summits of the wooded hills. During the winter, large flocks of black grouse sit on birch branches. The Ahmakallio observation tower is a great birdwatching spot!
  • Snowshoeing: An excellent snowshoe destination. Two marked snowshoe routes.
  • Berry and Mushroom Picking: Pick red cranberries (Vaccinium oxycoccos), golden cloudberries (Rubus chamaemorus), delicious bilberries (Vaccinium myrtillus) and lingonberries (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), as well as bolete and chantarelle (Cantharellus cibarius).
  • Canoeing: There is a canoe route (22 km) including the boat launch sites and the rest spots along the beautiful River Pärjänjoki. The route has a guidebook and is signposted.
  • Geocaching: Geocaching is a fun way to learn how to use GPS and to see Syöte through the eyes of a treasure hunter!
  • Sights and the Views: The Ahmakallio observation tower will provide you with gorgeous views across the wooded hills. From the summit of Pyhitysvaara Hill, you can admire the glistening Lake Kostonjärvi. Kaunislampi ("beautiful pond") is a ravine lake that truly deserves its name.
  • Learning in Nature: On the pages for teachers, you will find tips for nature education in the Syöte National Park. At the visitor centre, you can book a guide for the nature excursion of your school group. The Syöte Youth Centre (pikkusyote.fi) organises camp schools.
  • Guided Group Tours: At the visitor centre, you can book a guided tour for your group at the exhibition or in the terrain. The tours are free of charge for groups of day care children, pupils and students. Our cooperation parties organise a variety of guided hiking excursions.
  • Exploring the Visitor Centre: Outdoor recreation tips, a exhibition, a café, lunch during the high season. Nature films and souvenirs. Guided tours and the meeting facilities (must be booked in advance). Read more.

Information for Companies and Big Groups

Do you plan to organize guided excursions to the Finnish National Parks or other protected areas? It is possible due to partnership agreement with Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.


Many kinds of Huts for the Hiker. Please note, that it is not allowed for big groups or commercial groups to overnight in Open Wilderness Huts and in Day-use Huts