Näränkä Natural Forests

Old building in a snowy landscape.

The virtually pristine nature of Näränkä Natural Forests is unique on both the scale of Finland and that of Western Europe as a whole.

Näränkä in Finland.Northern Ostrobothnia, Kuusamo
Area 137 sq.km. A Natura 2000 site since 1998.
Conservation programme for old-growth forests 1996.

The natural small waterways and bogs have remained in their natural state, allowing many demanding species of organisms to thrive in the area. The Näränkä Natural Forests entail four separate forest areas: Virmajoki, Romevaara, Pajupuro and Närängänvaara.

On the hiking trails of Näränkä, you can familiarize yourself with the diverse natural conditions of the area, and the restored wilderness farm on Närängänvaara Hill introduces you to the traditional self-sufficient way of life.

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The area is managed by Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

This is the webpage nationalparks.fi/narankanaturalforests

Customer Service

Oulanka Visitor Centre
Tel. int. +358 206 39 6850
Email: oulanka(at)metsa.fi

Oulanka Visitor Centre in Kuusamo is closed from 29 February 2024 for the spring. Hikers can still get advice on matters related to Oulanka National Park on the Nationalparks.fi website and Mon-Fri 12pm - 3pm by phone and email.

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