What's Currently Happening in Tiilikkajärvi National Park 

Selkäsalmi Crossing Boats in use again in Spring 2022

(Updated 30th of November 2021)

The Selkäsalmi crossing boats are not in use during the winter season. The boats will be in use again in the spring of 2022.

No Winter Maintenance on the Road Leading to Pohjoisniemi Parking Area

(Updated 28th of November 2021)

During the winter, only some roads inside the National Parks are maintained. Check the availability from the location maps and leaflets. For example in Tiilikkajärvi, there is no winter maintenance on the road that leads to the Pohjoisniemi parking area. Sammakkotammi parking area should be reachable also during the winter time.

Just to be sure, winter hikers could pack their cars with shovels and a small bag of gravel incase of thick snow sheets and icy slippery hills.

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