Visit Pallastunturi Visitor Centre

Notice! There are bacteria in the well of the Open and Reservable Wilderness Hut of Hannukuru. Water must be boiled before use.
The road to Pallastunturi Fell is called Pallastunturintie. Photo: Seija Olkkonen.

Opening Hours in 2019 

1.1.–17.2. Mon–Fri 9am–4pm 
18.2.–28.4. Mon–Sun 9am–5pm
29.4.–2.6. Mon–Fri 9am–4pm
3.6.–29.9. Mon–Sun  9am–5pm
30.9.–31.12. Mon–Fri 9am–4pm

Closed Fri 6.12. ja Tue–Wed 24.–25.12.

Free entry.

Contact Information

Address: Pallastunturintie 557, 99330 Pallastunturi (Muonio)
Telephone: +358 206 39 7930
E-mail: pallastunturi(at)

Directions and Maps 

By Car

Map of the surroundings of Pallastunturi Visitor Centre © Metsähallitus

By Public Transportation

  • Pallastunturi can be reached by bus from Muonio ( on weekday mornings, and during school holidays from Kittilä direction in the afternoons. A daily bus line serves the Rovaniemi - Kittilä - Jerisjärvi - Muonio – Enontekiö route in both directions. The distance from Jerisjärvi by taxi is 13 km.
  • The closest airport ( is Kittilä. In peak seasons, a taxi can be reserved from Kittilä Airport ( or local taxis ( to the main villages and tourist resorts.