The section of the trail from the village of Juuma to Rukatunturi Fell leads through hilly landscape. The beginning of this section is undemanding forest terrain, but as the trail progresses and enters hill and fell areas it is classified as demanding hiking terrain. The section is approximately a 2-day-hike.

At the beginning of this section the trail leads from the village of Juuma to the River Porontimajoki and is not difficult to hike, but when it comes in the vicinity of Kumpuvaara Hill the difficulty of the trail increases. Towards the end of the section hikers must climb the slopes of Konttainen and Valtavaara Hills. The highest point in the hill chain is Valtavaara, the peak of which reaches 491 metres above sea level. The section ends at the foot of Rukatunturi Fell at the centre square of Ruka Ski Centre.

  • Services: 3 open wilderness huts, several lean-to shelters, 1 Lapp pole tent, several camping sites and cafes. There are many lodging places, restaurants, and programme service enterprises at Ruka.
  • Sights: Konttainen Hill (, Valtavaara Hill, Rukatunturi Fell (

NUTS Karhunkierros competitors on Valtavaara. Photo: NUTS Karhunkierros.

Waste Management

There is a recycling point in Juuma at Pieni Karhunkierros between Myllykoski and Aallokkokoski. Visitors can sort metal, glass, plastic and paper at this point as well as throw away hazardous waste (batteries).

Other Services

  • There are camping grounds and holiday villages in Juuma. 
  • There are versatile lodging and programme planning services at Ruka. For example visitors can find a caravan parking area, holiday villages, hotels and a gym.

For more information on services in Kuusamo see the Ruka Ski Centre website (