Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area Trails

An old worn path passing through fall-coloured fell vegetation.

Biking Trails

There are no marked trails within Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area, but the Hetta-Näkkälä Trail passes right outside its boundary. There are many old paths within the wilderness area, which have not been marked in the terrain. Some of these paths are visible on maps showing the area.

Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

  • You can get on the Hetta-Näkkälä Trail at many spots in the village of Hetta:
    • The trail is easiest to get onto at the grounds of Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre.
    • There is an intersection about one kilometre east of the centre of Hetta Village right before the police department with a sign for "Hetta-Näkkälä". Turn onto this road Pulkkatie. The trail then turns left towards a lit jogging track.
    • A lit jogging track has its starting point behind the Enontekiö sports centre. Follow the track for about 1,3 km. The trail then turns left off of the jogging track. There is a sign to "Pahtajärvi - Näkkälä" at this turn off.
    • Paavontalo Holiday Village about 2 km east of the centre of Hetta. After the holiday resort Paljaseläntie road turns off the main road. Paljaseläntie road leads to the parking area for a lit jogging track. You can leave your car here when setting of on a hike. Turn right from the parking area and you will find the sign for Hetta- Näkkälä Trail.
  • You can also get on the trail at its opposite end in the village of Näkkälä. 
  • Starting points for the Kalmakaltio - Pöyrisjärvi Trail are at Kalmakaltio and at Näkkälä.

Marked Trail

The Hetta-Näkkälä Trail (26 km) is part of an old postal route along which post was taken from Hetta to Näkkälä and from there to Pöyrisjärvi and Kalkujärvi. The trail is also suited for mountain biking. As a hiking trail the Hetta-Näkkälä Trail is not very demanding, but as a biking trail it is, because at different points the trail is rocky. There are duckboards on the trail, but not at every wet spot, so it is best to have waterproof footwear. The Hetta-Näkkälä Trail is marked with tall green poles with a white-red cross at the top.

From Hetta it is easiest to get to the Näkkälä Trail along the trail that starts from the Fell Lapland Nature Centre yard between the two buildings. At first, the trail goes the same way as the Pahtajärvi Trail, which has been marked with blue marks. At Sissanginselkä, the Pahtajärvi Trail turns west while the Näkkälä Trail continues to the north. The rest of the Näkkälä Trail has only been marked with tall green poles located at a distance of about three hundred metres.

The Hetta-Näkkälä snowmobile track starts out right next to the hiking trail and goes in the same direction. Hikers should be careful to not to walk along it. The snowmobile track crosses bog areas and there are no duckboards on it.

The trail has been marked in the Enontekiö guide and recreation map (opas- ja virkistyskartta) 1: 100,000. It has also been marked as a path in terrain maps of the area. You can get more information on the trail from Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre

  • Services: Šiššat / Sissanki Rental Campfire Hut is located at the start of the trail, about 7 km from the village of Hetta. It is locked and can be rented for overnight stays. There is an open wilderness hut at the trails halfway point. 
  • Sights: The Näkkälä seita rock is located near the village of Näkkälä at the end of the trail. Seitas are old sites of worship.

Old Tracks 

The Kalmakaltio-Pöyrisjärvi-Näkkälä Trail (about 93 km) is not marked but it is quite clearly visible in the terrain. The footpath is extremely demanding and passes through the middle of Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area. When wilderness trekking in Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Area you should always have a map, a compass, hiking boots and proper clothing as weather conditions can change very suddenly. There are no service structures along the footpath and rivers must be crossed by wading. In the past this was used as a postal route from Hetta to Näkkälä and on to through via Pöyrisjärvi to Kalkujärvi. The footpath is suitable for hiking and mountain biking. 

You can get onto the Kalmakaltio-Pöyrisjärvi Trail at Kalmakaltio Spring. Kalmakaltio is a car ride away from the village of Nunnanen. From Lake Naltijärvi you have two different route options towards Lake Kalkujärvi. The eastern of the two crosses the border into Norway, so it's not recommended if you have items that need to be declared in customs or if you have your dog with you. These two trails meet up at Suukisautsi from where the trail continues on via Kalkujärvi to Pöyrisjärvi. There is an unmarked, but clearly visible and easy to follow, 18 km trail to the village of Näkkälä.

Boating and Canoeing Routes

The River Pöyrisjoki (43 km) is a demanding canoe route, has its starting point at Lake Pöyrisjärvi and flows at its end into Lake Vuontisjärvi. There is a 100 m change in altitude along the 43 km river. There are several rocky rapids in the river and it is best to canoe when waters are high. The rapids get more difficult as you get further down the river and they range in classification from I to V. The Kuirinkurkkio and Kirkkokurkkio Rapids are the most challenging; Kuirinkurkkio is classed as extremely dangerous. It is a short section though, which can be passed easily by carrying your canoe along the riverbank.

The River Pöyrisjoki can be seen on the following topographical maps (1:50 000): V423 Enontekiö and V424 Näkkälä. It is also on the Enontekiö guide and recreational map 1:100 000. You can get further information on canoeing and fishing in the River Pöyrisjoki at Fell-Lapland Visitor Centre.

  • Services: The Bievrrašjávri / Pöyrisjärvi open/reservable wilderness hut is situated near Lake Pöyrisjärvi. 

The River Käkkälöjoki (40 km). The source of the river is near the Norwegian border, but the canoeing portion begins at Kalmakaltio Spring, which can be reached by car from the village of Nunnanen. From Kalmakaltio it is 14.5 km to a main road and 40 km to the River Ounasjoki. The River Käkkälöjoki flows into the River Ounasjoki at Haarakoski Rapids about 14.5 km from the village of Hetta. You can continue your canoeing trip along the River Ounasjoki. The River Käkkälöjoki is suitable for beginners as the river's rapids are not very strong.