A view over fells from a rocky slope on a partly cloudy day with sun shining.


Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

Starting Points for Tuntsa Wilderness Area:

  • You can head into Tuntsa Wilderness area from the direction of Tuntsa Village at Auermavaarankuusikko where the UKK Hiking Trail crosses the Tuntsa Road or from the Tulppio Cabins in Tulppio Village. There are no official parking places designated for Tuntsa Wilderness Area.

Starting Points for UKK Hiking Trail Naruska - Tulppio 112 km:

  • When setting off on the UKK Hiking Trail from the south you can start at Naruska Village where the hiking trail leads along Tuntsa Road.
  • Hikers can also set off from Tulppio and travel the route from north to south.
  • Other possible starting points if you wish to only travel shorter sections are:
    • Tuntsa Village
    • Auermavaarankuusikko, where the UKK Hiking Trail crosses Tuntsa Road
    • Tuntsa Pub
    • Naruskan tammi (on the south side of Lake Naruskajärvi)

Marked Trails

  • UKK Hiking Trail Naruska - Tulppio 112 km
    • The national Hiking Route UKK Trail leads across the municipality of Salla and partially into the municipality of Savukoski.
    • Within Tuntsa Wilderness Area the trail leads via Murhahaara open wilderness hut and Härkätunturi open and reservable wilderness hut to Tulppio.
    • The hiking trail leads through the rugged and grad Eastern Lapland landscape. It is marked in the terrain with red topped poles. There are also orange-red route markers on tree trunks.
    • Hikers can trek for as long as one week along the UKK Hiking Trail, or travel the trail in shorter sections.
    • Read UKK Hiking Trail route description Naruska - Tulppio 112 km

Snowmobile Tracks

A snowmobile track leads through the southwest corner of Tuntsa Wilderness Area. There is also another track on the east side of the wilderness are, which leads from Naruska to Tuntsa. To drive along a snowmobile track you must have a track permit. Maps of the snowmobile tracks and information on track permits, contact the Eräluvat.fi-website (www.eraluvat.fi).