Hiking Trails

Nature Trail

The trail runs in the bright deciduous forest. The leafs are bursting. Along the trail there is a low building, a nature trail board and a campfire place with roof. Smoke is rising from the campfire place.

A 1-km-long nature trail leads from Siikalahti parking area to the bird watching tower. The nature information hut and a lookout platform are on the trail. A bit before the bird watching tower you can turn off the path and got to the hide which was built for bird watchers. You don't even need binoculars to see the area's bird life from here.

Two hikers on duckboards in the wetlands. One person has binoculars. It is springtime and the deciduous trees are already green.

There are information boards along the trail describing the history of Siikalahti and the diverse species in the area. Visitors are not allowed to wander off trails in the area. Along the trail you will see traces of the Asta and Veera storms, which took place in 2010. The fallen trees have not been removed as they provide habitats for many threatened species. The tree trunks will gradually decay and new forest will grow in their place. There is no winter maintenance on the trail.

An autumnal landscpe, where open water and dense reedbeds alternate. A passageway built of boards leads to the open water where there is a hexagonal hut built of boards.


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Природоохранная территория Сиикалахти

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