What's Currently Happening in Repovesi National Park

Wells of Repovesi are in Use

(Updated 19th September 2021)

All wells in Repovesi National Park are in use. According to research results (2021) water in wells of Repovesi is drinkable and no boiling is required. Water level is low in Määkijä well. You must keep on pumping longer than usual.

Water in wells of Määkijä, Lojukoski and Kuutinkanava may have slight color and odour nuisances. You will find more accurate information on the info boards by the wells. Water in Valkjärvi well has strong color and odour nuisances. At the moment we recommend to take drinking water from other wells.

Remember to wash your dishes and yourself at least 5 metres away from wells and water bodies like lakes! 

Prepare for Crowded Parking areas 

(Updated 8th September 2021)

The parking areas my be very congested during the autumn hiking season, especially at the Lapinsalmi entrance. The busiest time is between 10 am and 2 pm on weekends and when the weather is good. We recommend carpooling.

Ensure smooth and safe movement when you park:
Emergency vehicles must have access to all parts of the area. Do not block any routes into the park. The emergency access road must always remain open.
Don’t take up extra space: park in an organised manner and close together.

The Saarijärvi parking area in the north and the Terväjärvi parking area in the south are usually less crowded than Lapinsalmi.

In Lapinsalmi, you can also park your car on the right side of Riippusillantie road (when viewed from Lapinsalmi). Riippusillantie is approximately 800 metres long. Parking is not permitted on Tihvetniementie road. Also note that the speed limit on Tihvetniementie is 40 km/h and driveways of cottages on the road must always remain open.  The area is monitored by the police.

If you have to park on the roadside, park on the right so that other vehicles can drive past. Do not park on curves or hills, because a lack of visibility can cause dangerous situations.

Summer Bus Timetables for Repovesi Take Effect in Early June

(Updated 8th July 2021)

Summer bus timetables to Repovesi take effect on the first Saturday of June (5 June). Of course, the best thing about bus travel is the atmosphere and the fact that you don’t need to find a parking space upon arrival.

Bus lines 5 and 15 operate from Kouvola to Repovesi. The Repovesi timetable is valid from 5 June to 26 September, also on holidays, and on 30–31 October. The Repovesi Bus (number 15) runs from Kouvola travel centre to Verla, Lapinsalmi and Orilampi twice a day on weekends. Bus 5 also operates on weekdays. Not all buses go all the way to Repovesi, so remember to check the timetables before you leave. 
More detailed timetables and information about tickets, bike transport and other useful tips are available on the VisitKouvola website (visitkouvola.fi) and in the timetable guide (visitkouvola.fi).

Reminder for Visitors to Olhava

(Updated 8th July 2021)

Olhava hill is an amazing landscape and also one of Finland's best climbing cliffs. 
When you’re at the top of Olhava, remember that there may be people climbing the rock wall below you. NEVER throw anything off the cliff. A rock or any other object dropped or thrown off the top of the cliff may cause irreversible and serious damage!

Lighting Campfires is Forbidden during Forest and Grass Fire Warning 

(Updated 12th April 2021)

Grass fire warning can be possible soon after snow has been melted. During forest and grass fire warning fire setting is allowed only in covered camp-fire places with a flue and in the fireplaces of the huts with extra caution. Cooking shelters in Lapinsalmi and Kuutinkanava are open for everyone and fire setting is allowed there. Check the warnings (en.ilmantieteenlaitos.fi).

What`s allowed - what`s forbidden.

The Ketunlossi Ferry is in Use

(Updated 13th April 2021)

The Fox Ferry is part of the popular Ketunlenkki Trail. Capacity of this manually operated, easy-to-use small ferry is limited. There may be long queues for ferry during the busiest visiting hours. 

All Toilets are now Non-composting Toilets

(Published Nov 2 2020)

All toilets in Repovesi national park there are non-composting which don't have to be emptied so frequently. The content is used for soil improvement. Visitors should bear in mind two factors so that the toilets will have good ventilation and the smell will be minimized:

1) Please, close the toilet lid when you leave

2) Don't put anything else than toilet paper in the toilet, not even biodegradable waste

Respect Privacy of Summer cottages

(Updated June 1 2020) 

Please bear in mind that there are several privately owned summer cottages in and nearby Repovesi National Park. If possible, keep a distance of least 50 metres from the beaches belonging to these summer cottages. This way everyone can enjoy the magnificent views of the lake in peace. 

In the map, the private beaches belonging to summer cottages have been marked in red. Map (pdf, 6 Mb, julkaisut.metsa.fi).

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