What's Currently Happening in Repovesi National Park

The hanging bridge of Lapinsalmi has been removed. The Fox ferry is not in use during 3.12.2018 - 29.4.2019. The parking area of Lapinsalmi and the road leading to it (Riippusillantie) are also closed for this winter period. You can enter The National Park at Tervajärvi and Saarijärvi entrances. (Tervajärvi: Kivisilmäntie 720, Kouvola / Saarijärvi: Kuismantie 990, Kouvola) See alternative hiking routes

Wells in Repovesi are in good condition. Water is drinkable in all the wells of the National Park.

(Updated 10 August 2018)
According to research results water in wells of Repovesi is drinkable and no boiling is required. Water in wells of Määkijä, Lojukoski, Kuutinkanava and Valkjärvi have slight color and odour nuisances. You will find more accurate information on the info boards by the wells. 

Dear boaters and other lake users

(Updated 24 July 2018)
Please bear in mind that there are several privately owned summer cottages in and nearby Repovesi National Park. If possible, keep a distance of least 50 metres from the beaches belonging to these summer cottages. This way everyone can enjoy the magnificent views of the lake in peace.

In the map, the private beaches belonging to summer cottages have been marked in red. Map (pdf, 2430 kB, julkaisut.metsa.fi)

Private properties

Drinkable water

(Updated 22nd July)
Well water in Repovesi is drinkable but due to the heatwave the wells may be low on water and it is suggested to bring your own water or water purification tablets or filters.

The Mustalamminvuori Hill observation tower is back in use

(Updated 19 July 2018)

The hanging bridge of Lapinsalmi is out of use

(Updated 6 July 2018)
Boat connection between Lapinsalmi Parking Area and Lapinsalmi campfire site is arranged daily from 7 Jul till 12 Aug and from 1 Sep till 2 Sep from 10 am to 6 pm. 

The Mustalamminvuori Hill observation tower is out of use

(Updated 6 July 2018)

Alternative Hiking routes in Repovesi

(Updated 3 July 2018)
In addition to the starting point at Lapinjärvi Parking Area, the routes of Repovesi are easily reached also from Saarijärvi and Tervajärvi Parking Areas. 

Olhavanvuori rock at the Korpinkierros Trail. Photo: Saara Lavi

Starting at Saarijärvi Parking Area (Kuismantie 990, Kouvola):
  • 3 km walk to the Olhavanvuori rock. From Olhavanvuori, you can do the 4,3 km Korpinkierros hike.
    • Korpinkierros Trail 4,3 km. The route goes around Olhavanvuori rock. 
  • 3 km walk to the Mustalamminvuori scenic look-out.
  • 2,5 km walk to the Kirnuhuoko Cavern.
  • 1 km walk to the Sukeltajaniemi campfire site.
Starting at Tervajärvi Parking Area (Kivisilmäntie 720, Kouvola):
  • From Tervajärvi Parking Area you can access all the hiking routes in the national park. You can also start your kayaking trip from Tervajärvi.
  • Tervajärvi Trail 8,2 km is a route suggestion (pdf, 6.6 Mb, julkaisut.metsa.fi), there is no separate trail marks for this route.
  • 0,6 km walk to the Talas campfire site.

Kuutinkanava is easy to reach from both parking areas by foot or by kayak.

Lapinsalmi hanging bridge has been damaged and is out of use

(Updated 1 July 2018)

The Ketunlossi ferry (fox ferry) is in use

(Updated 20 April 2018)
Ketunlossi ferry along the Fox Trail (Ketunlenkki trail) is now in use after winter season.

The Ketunlossi Ferry. Photo: Mari Laukkanen

Public transportation to Repovesi

(Updated 26 April 2018)  
VisitKouvola has published a leaflet (visitkouvola.fi) about public transport connections to Repovesi, including bus timetables. The bus to Repovesi and Verla leaves from the main railway and bus station, located in the Kouvola city centre. When the bus comes back, it also stops at the main railway and bus station in Kouvola. Download the timetables and begin your adventure!

Please note, that the timetables are valid between 9.6. – 30.9.2018, and 27. – 28.10.2018, including holidays

Restoration burning in Repovesi

(Updated 3 July 2018) 
Burn-clearing has been cancelled so far due to the drought of the ground. 
(Updated 29 May 2017) 

Restoration burning will be carried out in Repovesi in the area between lakes Valkjärvi and Ristijärvi on May.  During the restoration burning it is forbidden to enter the restoration area for safety reasons. Smoke can be detected for several days after the burning.

When the forest is burned, a part of the trees are charred. Some die immediately, and some die over a period of years. As a result, wood in all stages of decay is continually produced in the area. The diversity of tree species usually increases after a fire. The new tree stands sometimes form in clusters, sometimes separately, with varying distances between the trees. The trees are of different ages, because part of the original stand survives the fire. Increased insolation caused by burning is a prerequisite for certain rare or threatened species.