What's Currently Happening in Repovesi National Park

The Lapinsalmi Bridge in Repovesi National Park is temporarily closed. Hikers are requested to arrive at Repovesi National Park through the parking areas of Tervajärvi and Saarijärvi.

Current Hiking Conditions
(Updated 2nd April 2024)

In this updating text, we will compile current issues for hiking in Repovesi National Park. 

The Lapinsalmi Bridge is closed for hikers until further notice. The bridge was closed in January, after which preparations have been made for its repair or reinforcement. Repair work will begin during the spring. The goal is to have the bridge available for hikers by Midsummer.

The Lapinsalmi Bridge was closed because based on assessments, strong winds may cause damage to the bridge, and the safety of the bridge cannot currently be fully guaranteed. The bridge is closed until the supporting structures can be reinforced.  Until that access to the national park is only possible through the Saarijärvi and Tervajärvi parking areas.

There is some snow on the ground. Lakes are still frozen, but it is not safe to walk on the ice. Changing streams weaken the ice weak and unreliable through the winter especially in Kapiavesi lake. The Lapinsalmi bridge is the only way to cross the Kapiavesi Lake. Ketunlossi ferry is closed for the winter. 

Be prepared for darkness and slippery hiking conditions. Hiking shoes with grippy soles or winter boots are the right choice. Take a lamp with you, even if you're just going on a day trip. Dusk can surprise you and after dark the forest can be pitch black. Repovesi has no lighting at all.

All wells are in use. Water is drinkable without boilling. Water of Kuutinkanava well has high levels of iron, which makes water quite unpleasant to use. It is safe to drink though.

Rental huts

In Repovesi National Park, there are rental cottages and rental campfire huts that available for booking through the Metsähallitus Eräluvat online store. The online store will undergo renovations in 2024. Therefore, sales for the 2025 rental season will start exceptionally in November 2024.

You can find the rental calendars for 2024 and cottage presentations as usual at: nationalparks.fi/huts.

Please respect the privacy and peace of nature

(Updated November 6 th 2023)

There are plenty of cottages in the Repovesi area that are protected woth the law of domestic privacy. Rented cottages, tents, hammocks and other accommodations are also covered by the domestic privacy law. Give cottage dwellers and tired fellow hikers the opportunity to sleep and enjoy the peace of nature.

When moving on water, keep a distance of least 50 metres from the beaches belonging to these cottages. This way everyone can enjoy the magnificent views of the lake in peace. 

In the map, the private cottagess and beaches belonging to cottages have been marked in red. Map (pdf 3,2 Mb, julkaisut.metsa.fi).


Wells of Repovesi are in Use

(Updated October 6th 2023)

In October 2023, the water from the Kuutinkanava well was found to smell and taste strongly of iron. The color of the water is also brownish. Water is still drinkable, but not necessarily very pleasant, so we recommend filling the drinking bottles from other wells or using a water filter.

All wells in Repovesi National Park are in use. According to research results (2021) water in wells of Repovesi is drinkable and no boiling is required

Water in wells of Määkijä, Lojukoski and Kuutinkanava may have slight color and odour nuisances. You will find more accurate information on the info boards by the wells. Water in Valkjärvi well has strong color and odour nuisances, so we recommend to take drinking water from other wells.

Remember to wash your dishes and yourself at least 5 metres away from wells and water bodies like lakes! 

Never Throw Anything Down the Olhava Hill

(Updated 8th August 2023)

Olhava hill is an amazing landscape and also one of Finland's best climbing cliffs. 
When you’re at the top of Olhava, remember that there may be people climbing the rock wall below you. NEVER throw anything off the cliff. A rock or any other object dropped or thrown off the top of the cliff may cause irreversible and serious damage.

All Toilets are Non-composting Toilets

(Updated 15 November 2022)

All toilets in Repovesi national park there are non-composting which don't have to be emptied so frequently. The content is used for soil improvement. Visitors should bear in mind two factors so that the toilets will have good ventilation and the smell will be minimized:

1) Please, close the toilet lid when you leave

2) Don't put anything else than toilet paper in the toilet, not even biodegradable waste

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