A big upright stone on a platform made on stones and concrete. Photo: Tuija Waren.

The marked trails in Kurjenrahka National Park are well connected to the Kuhankuono Hiking Trail Network outside the park area. Together, they form a trail system of more than 150 kilometres.

Easy trails

Karpalopolku trail, 1.7 km demanding accessible circle trail

Vaativa esteetön reitti.

A gravel trail, just over one metre wide and supported by large rocks, is winding along in the forest.

Fully accessible only in the snow-free season, walking time one hour.
The whole trail is accessible by wheelchair and with a baby pram. The trail has been classified as demanding due to a few climbs along the way, and an assistant is recommended for wheelchair users. The signposts along the trail are also designed for persons with visual impairments. Karpalopolku hikers can also use the accessible services of Kurjenpesä.  

Starting point: Kurjenpesä parking area, Kuhankuonontie 67, Pöytyä 

Karpalopolku trail description

Vajosuo Mire trail, 3 km circle trail

Windbreak in a forest.

Open all year round, walking time two hours.
Suitable for beginners. 
Starting point: Vajosuo parking area, Vajosuontie, Rusko 

Vajosuo Mire trail description

Lake Savojärvi trail, 6 km circle trail

Lake landscape along a beach-bound path.

Open all year round, walking time 2.5 hours.
The trail is open also during the period of restricted access to Lammenrahka (15 January – 15 July).The beginner-friendly first section of the trail (300 m) from the Kurjenpesä parking area to the Kuhankuono boundary mark runs along the accessible Karpalopolku trail.
Starting points: Kurjenpesä parking area, Kuhankuonontie 67, Pöytyä, and Rantapiha parking area, Savojärventie, Nousiainen. 

Lake Savojärvi trail description

Other hiking trails 0–10 km

Pukkipalo trail, 6 km or 9 km circle trail 

Forest landscape up a hill in a primeval forest.

Open all year round, walking time 2.5–3.5 hours.
Starting points: Pukkipalo parking area, Paltantie, Nousiainen, and Rantapiha parking area, Savojärventie, Nousiainen 

Pukkipalo trail description

Other hiking trails over 10 km

The hike of Vajosuo Mire, 30 km circle trail

Break area with a table and benches along a hiking trail.

Open all year round, hiking time two days.
The trail is mostly quite even and relatively easy to walk.
The section between Töykkälä and Kurjenpesä is closed due to the poor condition of the duckboards.
Starting points: Kurjenpesä parking area, Kuhankuonontie 67, Pöytyä; Rantapiha parking area, Savojärventie, Nousiainen; Vajosuo parking area, Vajosuontie, Rusko and Töykkälä parking area, Vällintie, Rusko 

The hike of Vajosuo Mire description

Kuhankuono Hiking Trail Network, 150 km

Lake and in front of it open mire with few stunted pines in the Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve.

Kuhankuono Hiking Trail Network (kuhankuono.fi) is a network of trails implemented jointly by the Regional Council of Southwest Finland and local municipalities and landowners. The network comprises a total of 150 kilometres of paths, duckboards and forest roads. The trails are mostly maintained by the local municipalities, but Metsähallitus is in charge of the services and structures within Kurjenrahka National Park and Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve. The trails on a map (kuhankuono.fi).

Kuhankuono Hiking Trail Network trail description

Ski tracks

Hiking trail on a sunny winter day.

Kurjenrahka ski trail, 9 km circle trail

The Kuhankuono trail association (kuhankuono.fi) maintains the ski track when snow conditions permit.
A relatively easy traditional cross-country style ski track for beginners, families and groups.
Starting points: Kurjenpesä parking area, Kuhankuonontie 67, Pöytyä, and Rantapiha parking area, Savojärventie, Nousiainen)

Kurjenrahka ski trail description


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Parking Areas 

Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut

  • Kuhankuonontie 67, Pöytyä
  • Paltantie, Nousiainen
  • Savojärventie, Nousiainen
  • Vällintie, Rusko 
  • Vajosuontie, Rusko

More precise parking area addresses are not available. Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.

Other parking areas

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