Hikers passing through the bog with a few small trees in the forefront and a larger forest in the background.

Hiking Trails

The marked trails of the National Park, together with the larger hiking trail networks ‘Kuhankuonon retkeilyreitistö' and ‘Suokullan reitti', make up more than 300 km of trails.

Starting Points for Trails

The parking areas of the National Park are the starting points for the trails.

Nature Trail

  • Pukkipalo - Takaniitunvuori Trail in the old-growth forest area of Pukkipalo has about 1 km section where you find boards with information on the natural features of the old-growth forest. This is a part of the Pukkipalo Trail (5,5, km), not a circular trail. The nearest parking area is in Pukkipalo, about 2 km away.
    • Services: Campfire place at Takaniitunvuori Hill.
    • Sights: Pukkipalo old-growth forest, the scenery from Takaniitunvuori Hill.

Circle Trails

There are two marked circular trail in the area, and it is possible to combine different sections of the National Park trails with sections of Kuhankuono hiking trail network outside the park, to form circular trails of different length. Kuhankuono outdoor map (kuhankuono.fi) is the most useful map for planning the route.

  • Karpalopolku Trail, 2 km, goes from Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut at Lake Savojärvi to Kuhankuono boundary mark, and from there it continues to east and back to the Nature Information Hut. The beginning of the trail, from the Nature Information Hut to Kuhankuono boundary mark, is also suitable for wheelchail users or visitors with a baby pram. East of Kuhankuono, the mire sections of the trail have duckboards.
    • Services: A cooking shelter and a dry toilet at Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut. Both are accessible by wheelchair.
    • Sights: Kuhankuono boundary mark.
  • Savojärven kierros trail, 6 km, goes from Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut around Lake Savojärvi. Part of the trail has duckboards. Part of the trail is not marked in the terrain only on the infoboard at Kurjenpesä parkingplace.
    • Services: A cooking shelter and a dry toilet at Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut. Both are accessible by wheelchair. Services of Rantapiha.
    • Sights: Kuhankuono boundary mark, the civil war memorial in Vähä-Välisaari.

Other Trails

  • Pukkipalo Trail is nearly 6 km long if you start at the Pukkipalo parking area. It is also possible to start the hike from Rantapiha, which raises the length of the route to 9 km. Of this trail, a 2.8 km-long section runs inside the National Park, while the rest of the trail is a part of the Kuhankuono Hiking Trail Net. Along the section of the trail that lies inside the National Park, there is a 1 km part where you will find information boards about the plant and animal species of the Pukkipalo old-growth forest. On the north side of the Pukkipalotrail, only 0.6 km away, lies the lean-on shelter of Lakjärvi. From Lakjärvi, you can continue outside the National Park on Kuhankuono Hiking Trail Net.
    • Services: In the southern end of Pukkipalo Trail, at Takaniitunvuori Hill, there are a campfire place and a dry toilet, and in the northern end of the trail, at Lakjärvi, there are a lean-to shelter and a dry toilet.
    • Sights: Pukkipalo old-growth forest, the great scenery over the mire area from Takaniitynvuori Hill.
  • On Vajosuo Mire, the marked trail mostly goes in the forest and round the edges of the mire. There is a bird watching tower by the side of the trail. The trail joins up with Kuhankuono Hiking Trail Network and it is possible to hike a 30 km circle route. Due to bad condition of the duckboards the trail from Töykkälä to Kuhankuono is currently closed.
    • Services: Lean-to shelter, dry toilet and Vajosuo Reservable Hut. More information on the hut from Archipelago Nature Centre Blue Mussel, tel.int. +358 206 39 4620.
    • Sights: In Vajosuo bird watching tower you can, in addition to the birds, also admire the view over the mire.

Koivusaari observation tower seen from the ground. The tower is still in the shadow, but the sun shines over the bog.

The trail from Töykkälä to Kuhankuono, 5,8 km 
starts at Töykkälä parking area and goes along the rocks on the edges of the mire and the forested islands. The mire sections have duckboards. Due to bad condition of the duckboards the trail is currently closed.

  • Services: A lean-to shelter and a dry toilet on the southern side of Kurjenrahka Mire.
  • Sights: From Koivusaari observation tower you get a view over Kurjenrahka Mire, which is in its natural state with its puddles.
  • Kuhankuonon retkeilyreitistö (kuhankuono.fi) is a hiking trail network set up in co-operation with the Regional Council of Southwest Finland, the surrounding municipalities and the landowners. It has 150 km of trails, made up of footpaths, duckboards and forest roads. The network is maintained by the municipalities, and the facilities inside Kurjenrahka National Park and Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve are maintained by Metsähallitus. Trails on the map (kuhankuono.fi).
    • The trail goes through Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve in two places: In the northern part of the area for about 3 km and in the southern part for about 2,3 km. In the southern part of the Strict Nature Reserve it is also possible to hike on a 3,2 km long circular trail. It starts outside the nature reserve on Vesirauma Hill, goes near the shore of Lake Kajavajärvi, and returns to Vesirauma Hill. The wettest places have duckboards, but when the water is high you will need rubber boots to keep your feet dry. It is not allowed to walk outside the marked trails in the Strict Nature Reserve.
      • Services: There are no services in the area of Vaskijärvi Strict Nature Reserve.
      • Please note that it is not allowed to walk outside the marked trails in the Strict Nature Reserve.

Skiing Trails

In the winter, there are skiing trails in the National Park depending on the snow conditions. The skiing trails are not maintained regularly.

Customer Service

Tel. int. +358 206 39 4620 Mon-Fri 10 am-3 pm

Parking Areas 

Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut

  • Kuhankuonontie 67, Pöytyä
  • Pukkipalo 
    Paltantie, Nousiainen
  • Rantapiha
    Savojärventie, Nousiainen
  • Töykkälä
    Vällintie, Rusko 
  • Vajosuo
    Vajosuontie, Rusko

More precise parking area addresses are not available. Parking area addresses are in Finnish to be used in navigators.

Other parking areas

Check for Warnings

When forest and grass fire warnings (en.ilmatieteenlaitos.fi) are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Drawing of a fireplace. The drawing shows the roof, the flue and off the ground.

Gathering at the campfire sites increases the risk of coronavirus infection. Guidelines concerning coronavirus COVID-19

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