The island of Jussarö is an amazing mixture of archipelago nature and industrial past. The unspoilt nature and the traces of human presence also characterise the island. You can arrive at Jussarö by your own boat or on a chartered cruise from the mainland.

An aerial photograph of a harbour in a sound. There are a few buildings at the shore and a few boats at the harbour. The open sea can be seen at the horizon.


The marina and its services as well as the café-restaurant are open during the summer months. You can reserve the sauna for your own use. For reservations, go to

You can also reach Jussarö even if you do not have a boat of your own. More information about the cruises on Visit Raseborg's page.

Jussarö is an ideal destination for a one-day visit or for an overnight stay: The hostel Kontoret provides reasonably priced accommodation, and you can bring your own food or book the meals at Café Ön. For orders, go to

The nature trail on the island has routes of different lengths and challenge levels. Along the trail, there are lush forests, rocky shores and crumbling reminders of the island's past. Read more about Jussarö's fascinating history.

A view of the sea, thunder clouds are lit up by lightning. Treetops can be seen in the foreground and flat rocks at the horizon.