Things to Do and See at the Salla Visitor Centre

Nature exhibition

Salla's experiential exhibition describes the nature of the Salla National Park and its surrounding areas, and presents the species and cultural history of the area, awakening the senses. At the exhibition, you can also learn about the area's hiking destinations during different seasons. 

A wooden exhibition board hanging on the wall at the nature exhibition. Next to the board there is a door that has a map drawn to it. On the other side of the door there is a painted forest landscape, that has a capercaillie and text.

Hikers’ Corner

At Hikers’ Corner in the nature exhibition, you can sit in a rocking chair and explore the wide range of hiking opportunities in the Salla area, not to mention plan future hikes. Hikers’ Corner provides comprehensive information on the trails and most interesting destinations in the area for both summer and winter hiking.

 Two rocking chairs and a wooden table between them. On the wall there are info boards.