Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in Isojärvi National Park

Following enterprises and organisations offer services in the national park / in the nature reserve. They have a cooperation agreement with Metsähallitus and they follow the principles of sustainable nature tourism ( when operating in the national park.

Guided Excursions and Nature and Outdoor Activities

  • Eräopaspalvelu Talvi (
    • Hiking, snow shoe walking, nordic walking, canoeing, fishing, berry- and muhroom picking and welfare trips
    • hammocking
  • Erätaival Oy / Heretty summer cafe (
    • Hiking courses in summer and winter
  • Fours Seasons Outdoors (, in Finnish)
    • Skiing, snow shoe walking, hiking, canoeing and program services
  • Hiking Travel Hit Ky (

    • Hiking, cycling and nature activities
  • Kelo ja kallio Adventures (, in Finnish)
    • Rock climbing, canoeing and hiking excursions, program services
  • Korpelan Torppa (, in Finnish)
    • Get to know logging history and try hor­se log­ging with a shet­land­ po­ny Mauk­ka
  • Luontopalvelut Harnakka (, in Finnish)
    • Bird watching, berry picking, hiking, mushroom picking, theme excursions
  • Längelmäveden venematkat (
    • Canoeing excursions
  • Nature safari Finland Oy (
    • Hiking, berry- and mushroom picking, bird watching, snow shoe walking and skiing
  • Osuuskunta Liippa (, in Finnish)
    • Hiking, skiing, snow shoe walking, berry- and mushroom picking, bird watching, theme excursions and nature knowledge guiding
  • RetkiEvä (, in Finnish)
    • Canoeing, hiking and mountain biking
  • Sammalsielu (, in Finnish)
    • Hiking, theme excursions, nature meditations, retrites
  • Seikkailusyke Oy (, in Finnish)
    • Guided excursions (canoeing, climbing, hiking)
  • Tavinsulka Oy (
    • Canoeing, hiking, cycling, snow shoe walking and skiing
  • Tmi Hanna Junkala (
    • Hiking, snow shoe walking, skiing, wellbeing, nature and theme excursions, hiking retreats
  • Versona Oy (
    • ​Fatbike, skiing, snow shoe walking, canoeing, hiking, swimming and kick sledding excursions

Equipment Rental

Food and Catering Services

Transportation Services

Lodging and Conference Space Services

Other Services

  • Eräopaspalvelu Talvi (
    • Work well-being services
  • Erätaival Oy / Heretty summer cafe (, in Finnish)
    • Wild herbs and hiking courses
  • Luontopalvelut Harnakka (, in Finnish)
    • Wilderness skills courses, hiking courses, bird watching courses
  • Maivian pidot (, in Finnish)
    • Conference services
  • Osuuskunta Liippa (, in Finnish)
    • Conference services, training, education and work welfare
  • RetkiEvä (, in Finnish)
    • Courses on outdoor skills, canoeing and mountain biking
  • Seikkailusyke Oy (, in Finnish)
    • Recreation services, adventure services
  • Tavinsulka Oy (
    • Program services
  • Versona Oy (
    • ​Meeting services
    • Work welfare
    • Corporate training