Land of National Parks

Photos: Hannu Huttu, Jorma Lehti, Mylene van der Donk, Eeva Mäkinen
Make sure you have your camera handy, your mobile phone tucked into your pocket, a hearty packed lunch in your backpack and an explorer's curious mind good to go – this is a checklist to make you ready for a trip in the Land of National Parks. Jump on a mountain bike, go canoeing or paddle boarding, walk on your own two feet or utilise some paw power – you can even go on a bike tour from one park to another!

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Nature programmes operated by the local cooperation enterprizes, wild, relaxing, traditional experiences in Oulanka, Hossa, Riisitunturi and Syöte National Park. Load the product brochure (

Hossa National Park emblemHossa National Park 

In Hossa, today's visitors travel the same heaths and clear waters as people 10 000 years ago. Hossa invites you to take a dive into its alluring waters, ride a bike across the sandy eskers, hike in the rugged wild scenery and go canoeing under the midnight sun. 

Summer night in Hossa National Park. Photo: Hannu Huttu

Oulanka National Park emblemOulanka National Park 

Oulanka is a nature photographer's paradise, and the Rivers Oulankajoki and Kitkajoki running through the park offer splendid opportunities for canoeing, paddle boarding and whitewater rafting. The River Oulankajoki is also a joining link to the equally impressive Paanajärvi National Park on the Russian side of the border.

Selfie taken in Oulanka Canyon. Photo: Jari Hindström / Vastavalo

Riisitunturi National Park emblemRiisitunturi National Park 

The views from the top of Riisitunturi Fell towards Lake Kitkajärvi, the world's largest spring, will sooth every corner of a hiker's soul. In the winter, travellers are struck by the majestic beauty of the silent rows of snow-crowned trees glimmering under the starlit sky, sometimes even bathed in a glorious display of aurora borealis, the northern lights.

Kitkajärvi lakes seen from Riisitunturi National Park. Photo: Mari Limnell

Syöte National Park emblem

Syöte National Park 

Syöte pampers mountain biking enthusiasts with routes traversing the hill forests. The stately spruce forests, the rocky block fields and ravines, the open mires and the soaring wooded hills offer you the chance to see a golden eagle gliding through the air, to find some juicy lingonberries and to take a quiet moment just for yourself. 

Pyhitysvaara in Syöte National Park. Photo: Saara Airaksinen

Paanajärvi National Park, Russia

Landscapes of the park are exceptionally picturesque: mountain ridges are split by deep gorges, numerous lakes and various mires, fast streams with frothing rapids and waterfalls break up the terrain. Slopes of hills and valleys are covered with pristine almost untouched forest with spruce domination.

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Sand beaches in Paanajärvi National Park, Russia. Photo: Minna Koramo

To top off the experience, you might want to taste some local wild food and enjoy the gentle heat of the saunas in Koillismaa before falling into a deep slumber for the night!

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