The Inari Hiking Area extends from Myössäjärvi along the Inari-Ivalo road (road no. 4 / E75) to the north of the Juutuanjoki River and from there to the west along the Inari-Kittilä road (road no. 955) to Solojärvi. To the east, the hiking area comprises half of Lake Inari. Inari is 340 km from Rovaniemi, 185 km from Kittilä and 40 km from Ivalo. The nearest railway station is in Rovaniemi.

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking trails start from several places in the Inari area and from the parking areas near the village. Starting points for the hiking trails.
The harbours for boaters are located in Veskoniemi, Nangunniemi, Nellim and Inari.

By Bus to Inari

There are daily bus connections ( to Inari from Rovaniemi, Utsjoki, Karigasniemi and Kittilä (via Sodankylä).

By Car to Inari Hiking Area

Inari village, Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida, Inarintie 46, Inari (Road 4/E75). Space for approximately 70 cars. Winter maintenance.

Pielpajärvi Wilderness Church parking area, Sarviniementie 247, Inari. Space for approximately 15 cars. Winter maintenance.

Juutuanjoki, Jäniskoski parking area, Kittiläntie 156, Inari. Space for approximately 15 cars. During the winter maintenance period, the parking area is smaller.

Juutuanjoki, Ritakoski parking area, Kittiläntie 556, Inari. Space for approximately 5 cars. No winter maintenance.

Kortejärvi parking area, Kaamasentie 151 (from where you turn left and drive 1.5 km), Inari. There is space for 3 cars. No winter maintenance.

Tuulispää parking area, Inarijärventie 3261, Inari (Road 4). Space for approximately 15 cars. There is winter maintenance starting from March.

Karhunpesäkivi parking area, Inarijärventie 2290, Inari (Road 4). Space for approximately 20 cars. No winter maintenance.

Mielikköjänkä parking area, Veskoniementie 457, Ivalo. Space for 8 cars. No winter maintenance.

Juurakko-oja parking area, Veskoniementie 849, Ivalo. Space for 5 cars. No winter maintenance.

Nellim Uittoränni parking area, Nellimintie 4778 (from where you turn right and drive 2.5 km), Ivalo (Inari). There is space for 20 cars. No winter maintenance.

By Air to Ivalo

The nearest airport ( is in Ivalo. There is a transportation to Inari village ( from the airport. Please note that you have to make a pre-booking on the previos day by 6 p.m.