Instructions and Rules in Dagmar Park

Instructions on Exploring Dagmar Park

In the area, the following are allowed:

  • A well in the foreground. A dock and the sea in the background.picking berries and edible mushrooms in accordance with the park's rules and regulations
  • taking water from the spring at your own risk and using designated trails
  • bicycling on designated bike routes (road from the parking area to the bicycle rack and the trail between Vitsand and Skutviken)
  • arriving by boat - boats may not be moored in the area on the west side of the pier, see map.
  • to land at the pier, but not stay overnight
  • using the beaches for swimming. There is no official beach in the area.

In the area, the following are restricted:

In the area, the following are forbidden:

  • taking or damaging trees, bushes or other plants, or any part of them
  • hunting and killing wild animals
  • making open fires, pitching tents and any other type of camping
  • Please note that the use of a disposable grill also counts as an open fire
  • operating motor vehicles for any purpose other than park maintenance
  • fishing, landing boats and keeping dogs in the beach area
  • keeping dogs without a leash
  • littering, disturbing the peace

112 Suomi - mobile application

When an emergency call is being made through the 112 Suomi - mobile application ( the dispatcher will automatically receive the callers position. 

It is recommended to keep the mobile phone warm and to bring extra food and water with you. There are many excursion locations with no mobile coverage and some mobile phones does not work in sub-zero temperatures, that is why it is always a good idea to let someone know about your itinerary and timetable.

Outdoor Etiquette

1. Respect nature.

2. Mainly use marked trails.

3. Camp only where it is allowed.

4. Light your campfire only where it is allowed.

5. Do not litter.

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