Services in Petkeljärvi National Park

Customer Service and Guidance

Services Offered by Enterprises and Organisations in the National Park

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare


Café and Restaurant Services

  • The Café-Restaurant at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre is open daily from 1.5. to 31.8.
    • Group meals can be arranged if reserved in advance. Special diets can be accommodated.

Grill Shelter and Camp Kitchen

  • In Cape Petraniemi there is a grill shelter behind Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut. Making fires is forbidden anywhere else.
  • At Petkeljärvi Camping Ground there is a camp kitchen.
  • Lighting campfires if the forest fire warning or the grass fire warning is in effect. Check the current warnings (  
    • This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a flue and a roof. 

Drinking Water

  • Visitors can get drinking water from the café-restaurant at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre.
  • Surface waters, like that in lakes, rivers and streams should be boiled or filtrated, before drinking it as water quality varies from one area to another.

Waste Management

  • The National Park's recycling point is located at Petkeljärvi Camping Ground. There are no waste-bins in the park. Measures should be taken in advance to avoid taking unnecessary waste into the area. Of the waste that accumulates during your trip, you can use the cooking shelter at camping ground to burn those articles which can safely be burnt, and leave biodegradable waste in the dry toilet. Take all other waste out of the area. Read more about hiking without littering.


  • Toilets (including one for the disabled) can be found in the camping ground café-restaurant.
  • A dry toilet can be found at Petraniemi parking area.

Overnight Stays

Outdoor Centre

  • Petkeljärvi Caravan & camping is located at the tip of Cape Petraniemi at the end of Petkeljärventie Road. Visitors are charged a fee for staying there. Visitors may then also use the showers, toilet, camp kitchen and dining area there. Caravan & camping is open every day.
  • Lodging for 48 persons (2 - 4 person rooms)
  • A comfortable conference room with a fireplace can be found in the building.
  • 10 parking places with electrical supply points for caravans.
  • There is space for 50 tents on the level heath terrain.
  • Services at the Outdoor Centre include a sauna by the lake shore, a café-restaurant, a conference room, sales of fishing permits, rental of canoes and boats, as well as, guided group tours outdoors. Visitors can get more information from the Outdoor Centre information desk. Tel. int. +358 41 436 1790.
  • Traveller Info and check in for caravan & camping areas and rooms when cafe/info is closed: +358 41 436 1790.

Lodging in the Surrounding Area

Equipment Rental

  • Rental of boats and canoes at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre.
  • Bank and credit cards are accepted as payment in the Outdoor Centre. (Not Visa Electron)

Services for the Disabled

  • Petkeljärvi Nature Information Hut and the café-restaurant at the Outdoor Centre are accessible by wheelchair if assisted.
  • There is a toilet for the disabled in the café-restaurant.

Services for Boaters

  • A small harbour can be found at Lake Petkeljärvi in the northeast part of the park. Boat places can be rented from Metsähallitus.
  • The lodging and bathing services at Petkeljärvi Outdoor Centre are situated on the shore of Lake Valkiajärvi. There is a boat stage for landing at the area.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • More services such as shops, pharmacies, banks and petrol stations can be found in the centre of the municipality of Ilomantsi 25 km from Petkeljärvi National Park.