Activities in Kairijoki

A hand holding a porcino at the shore, the river flows at the background.

Nature journeys and paddling

Along Kairijoki there are several forest motor roads and fishers’ paths, which can be used for independent hiking or mountainbiking. There are also long traditions of berry picking and mushroom picking in the wilderness of Kairijoki nature. 

Paddling in Kairijoki one may admire the river wilderness. The easiest way to begin a canoeing trip is from the local nature tourism company, Kairijoen Eräkeskus (, which offers also rental of equipment. The paddling route map can be printed from the tourism page of Savukoski municipality (

Kairijoki has no official marked boating routes. The river in the wilderness requires basic skills on moving on water and using a map.

An air photo of paddlers on the river, the shores are in rich autumn colours.

There are several lean-to shelters and cooking areas in the Kairijoki areas. Some of them are also maintained with firewood, but there is no waste maintenance on the area. Take away everything you brought along and take care of the cleanliness of the area. Please get acquainted with Outdoor Etiquette.

 Two persons and a dog having a break at a lean-to shelter.


Kairijoki is popular especially among fly-fishers. A part of the main channel is also reserved only for fly fishing. Catch-size brown trout is planted to the river in between of Ylä-Kairi and Saunakoski. 

Flies and an angle on grass, two grass of Parnassus flowers in the background.

Persons 18–69 years of age are required to pay the fisheries management fee ( to fish recreationally in public water areas in Finland.

Guidelines and instructions in the area

Lighting campfires in recreation and restricted area are only allowed at sites marked for this purpose. Lighting campfires is always prohibited at both marked campfire sites and when fires are permitted by the landowner if a wildfire warning has been issued for the area. Check the current warnings (

Tips for Kairijoki

Hiking and camping in the area are permitted as Everyman's Rights (, but we recommend to camp by the official rest areas 

Please note, that usage of motor vehicles is forbidden outside roads designated for motor vehicle use. 


Varusteet ja turvallisuus 

  • One should always have a precise enough map at hand. The map of mobile phone is not sufficient in Savukoski municipality area, where there are areas without mobile network signal.
  • There are no official sources of potable water. The surface water of Kairijoki is recommended to be boiled before consumption.
  • If you face an emergency on your hike, e.g. get lost, get injured or observe wildfire, call 112 and report an emergency. More information on how to act in an emergency.
  • Make sure you pack a first-aid kit.
  • Hiking in Finland:

Savukoski Wilderness Rivers Brochure

(pdf 985 kb,