Services in Lemmenjoki National Park

Rovâdâsjävri / Ravadasjärvi Open Wilderness Hut: The left side of the cabin has been locked indefinitely for 8 people due to a cracked fireproof panel. Urgent attention and repair are required as the damaged fireproof panel poses safety risks.
Vaskolompola open wilderness hut: A wood-burning stove is broken and not in use at the moment. Do not make fire now.

Customer Service and Guidance

  • In Siida, in the centre of the municipality of Inari, are located both Sámi Museum and Northern Lapland Nature Centre.
    • Siida provides information on Lemmenjoki National Park and all the other hiking destinations in the northern Lapland.
    • Information on the regular boat service on Lemmenjoki River (pdf-file 135 kt).
    • Information on hiking, maps and permits for the whole of northern Lapland area.
    • There are also Restaurant Sarrit and Museum Siida Shop.

Four hikers at a rest stop in a pine forest. Two are standing and two are sitting on wooden benches. In the background a grey campfire hut.

Services offered by enterprises and other organisations in National Park

In a room in a log cabin stands a green wooden couch, two framed photographs hang above the couch. There is a rag rug on the floor. In the corner an old sewing machine.

Meals, Where to Buy and Prepare

  • There are two restaurant-cafés in Njurkulahti, where you can buy some food ingredients to take away. The nearest shops and a bank are located in Inari municipality centre.


  • There are about 30 campfire sites along the marked trails, and in the recreation zone of the National Park lighting campfire is allowed only at these designated places. They are marked in the hiking maps.
  • In the remote zone of the National Park, you can choose freely where to light your campfire. Only use dry branches, twigs etc. laying on the ground. For using trunks of trees laying on the ground, you need a permission of Metsähallitus.
  • In the restricted area, it is not allowed to light campfires.
  • Lighting open fires is not allowed at all if wildfire warning is in effect. Lighting open fires is also forbidden when due to conditions, such as drought or strong wind, there is an obvious risk of a forest fire. The restrictions mentioned above also apply to marked campfire sites.
    • This prohibition does not apply to cooking shelters or other fireplaces with a flue.

Drinking Water

  • Water is usually suitable for drinking everywhere in the National Park. The general rule is that running water is better than standing water. It is recommended that drinking water should be boiled in the summer during hot spells.

Waste management

  • Biodegradable waste should be placed in a dry toilet or composter, and small amounts of clean paper and cardboard can be used as kindling in a campfire.
  • At the parking area of Njurkulahti, there are bins for mixed waste. There are also bins for mixed waste at all the huts. However, we recommend that you bring back all the waste that accumulates during your trip, because motorised transportation of the waste leaves marks in the forest and makes noise.
  • Read more about Hiking without littering.


  • There are dry toilets in Njurkulahti Metsähallitus parking area (Please note! That the parking area dry toilet is off use rest of the year 2023, because its' renovation) and at all the huts and camping areas.

Overnight Stays in the National Park

Camping and Lean-to Shelters

  • In the recreation zone of the National Park, camping is only allowed at sites designated for this purpose.
  • In the remote zone, you can choose freely where to camp.
  • In the restricted area, camping is not allowed.

Open Wilderness Huts

In the open wilderness huts, it is possible to stay over one or two nights. More information at the open wilderness huts page or from Ivalo Customer Service, tel. int. +358 206 39 7701 and Siida - Northern Lapland Nature Centre, tel. int. +358 206 39 7740.

  • Paaraskalla Hut (in Kittilä) is located between Paaraskalla and Uurrekarkia Fells, near the trail from Pokka to Lisma, 2 km south of the boundary of the municipalities of Kittilä and Inari.
  • Sallivaara Hut is located at Sallivaara Reindeer Round-up Site, north-west of Inari-Kittilä Road 955.
  • Postijoenlatva Hut is located about 2 km downwards of the head of Postijoki River, on the eastern side about 50 m from the river. Postijoki River is located north of Naukusselkä.
  • Vaskolompola Hut is located east of the northern end of Reposelkä, on the southern shore of the quiet water pond of Vaskojoki River.
  • Vaskojoki Hut (also rental hut) is at the mouth of Puordnajoki River, which flows into Vaskojoki River from south. The hut is located at the most southwestern cape on the eastern bank of the river.
  • Morgamojan Kultala Hut (also a rental hut) is in the ravine of Morgamoja Brook, which flows into Lake Morgamjärvi of Lemmenjoki River. The hut is located about 4,5 km north-west of Lemmenjoki River Valley.
  • Kultasatama Hut in the southern end of Lake Morgamjärvi is a log cabin owned by Lapin kullankaivajaliitto (Lapland Gold Diggers Association).
  • Ravadasjärvi Hut is located in the western bank of Lemmenjoki River, north-east of Ravadasköngäs Waterfall.
  • Uáhujuuhâ Hut is located east of Oahoaivi, on the eastern bank of Oahujoki (Oahujohka) River, in the confluence of two branches of the headwaters.
  • Musta Matti's Hut is located in the northern part of the park, on the south-eastern shore of the uppermost Lake Lankojärvi.
  • Kruununtupa Hut is located about 600 m outside of the park, on the north-western side. Along an old mail path, it can be found on the north-eastern side of Laavujärvenvaara Hill. From the hut there is a 4-km-path to Suoppujärvi at Inari-Angeli Road.

Rental Huts

Rental huts can be rented for private use. Reservations: Lemmenjoen Lomamajat, address: Njurkulahti, 99885 Lemmenjoki, Finland, tel. int. +358 016 673 435.

  • Vaskojoki Hut is at the mouth of Puordnajoki River, which flows into Vaskojoki River from south. The hut is located at the most southwestern cape on the eastern bank of the river.
  • Morgamojan Kultala Hut is in the ravine of Morgamoja Brook, which flows into Lake Morgamjärvi of Lemmenjoki River. The hut is located about 4,5 km north-west of Lemmenjoki River Valley. It is a log cabin also suitable for winter use. It is sometimes called also Pellisen kämppä (Pellinen's Cabin).
  • Härkäkoski Hut is located on the western bank of Lemmenjoki River, in the northern end of Lake Ravadasjärvi.


Crossing the river Lemmenjoki, Cabel Boats

  • Cabel boats for crossing at Searitniva and Härkäkoski.


Lodging and Equipment Rental in the Surrounding Area

Rental Cabins, Camping Grounds, Services for Visitors with Caravans, and Hotels

  • Local tourism enterprises ( rent holiday cottages in Njurkulahti area.
  • There are camping grounds and services for travellers with caravans in Lemmenjoki, Menesjärvi and in Inari.
  • The nearest hotels are located in Menesjärvi and Inari.

Accessible Services

  • During the summer, boat trips from Njurkulahti take people to admire Ravadasköngäs Waterfall. The boat trips are suitable for the disabled, even though assistance is needed. More information from Siida - Northern Lapland Nature Centre.
  • Northern Lapland Nature Centre Siida is accessible by wheelchair, but at the moment there is only room for one wheelchair at a time in the auditorium. There is a toilet for the disabled in the building. During the summer, the open-air museum area is also accessible by wheelchair with assistance. There is a wheelchair for customers to use.

Other Services in the Surrounding Area

  • In the village of Inari (, there are an ATM, postal services is Sale shop, a health clinic, two food shops, a service point of pharmacy in Kuukkeli supermarket, a service station and taxis.
  • At Lemmenjoki there is a taxi.
  • Find out more about visiting Lapland (

Check for Warnings

When wildfire warnings ( are in effect, fire is only allowed at covered campfire sites that have a flue. A fire can be also lit in fireplaces at wilderness and other huts. Always use extreme caution when handling fire. The one who lights a fire is always responsible for its safe use. Please note, that making fire at these campfire sites can be banned locally. 

Drawing of a fireplace. The drawing shows the roof, the flue and off the ground.

Information for Companies and Big Groups

Do you plan to organize guided excursions to the Finnish National Parks or other protected areas? It is possible due to partnership agreement with Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.


Many kinds of Huts for the Hiker. Please note, that it is not allowed for big groups or commercial groups to overnight in Open Wilderness Huts and in Day-use Huts