Repovesi National Park Trails

Hiking Trails

Repovesi National Park is a popular hiking destination. There are over 40 km of trails of various difficulty. Many of the trails are quite demanding, because of changes in altitude. There are stairs and duckboards in places, which are the most difficult to traverse. Hikers should reserve more time than usual for their trips.

Because the area is so vast, hikes of longer length than a few days are possible. Remember that the east and northeast part of the area is a restricted area for army use and therefore entering is not permitted in this area. The area is marked with blue-white paint, with bar gates and at some points with warning boards.

The condition of trails, structures at campfire sites, information boards and signposts are continuously improved and updated and it is an on going process in Repovesi.Route signs. Photo: Maarit Partanen.

Starting Points for Trail

  • Hikers can get on to the marked trails at any one of the park's three parking areas at Tervajärvi, Lapinsalmi or Saarijärvi.
    • It is easiest to access the Ketunlenkki "Fox Trail" via the Lapinsalmi parking area.
    • The closest parking area to the Korpinkierros Trail is Saarijärvi.
    • Koppelonkierros Trail begins at Tervajärvi parking area.
    • You can set off for the Kaakkurinkierros Trail from all parking areas. 
  • There is information on boaters' services at landing places.

Route and Hiking Tips

  • The area's trails are marked in the terrain with orange paint markings
  • The Ketunlenkki Trail ("Fox Trail") 3,5 km (Lapinsalmi - Kapiavesi - Lapinsalmi) offers a great opportunity to get a quick overview of the national park
  • From the Saarijärvi parking area it is about 3 km to the well-known Olhavanvuori Rock as well as the scenic look-out tower on Mustalamminvuori Hill and 2,5 km to Kirnuhuoko Cavern.
  • The Tervajärvi parking area is the ideal point to enter to all area; to hike around Tervajärvi or to start canoeing. In Kuutinkanava it's possible to carry (200 meters) your canoe to the side of Lake Repovesi (in this case it's also good to have a canoe trolley with you).
  • Kuutinkanava Canal is at the same distance from almost all the National Park's parking areas. Kuutinkanava Canal can be reached easily by boat.
  • Day trips: If going on a day trip, it is often convenient to combine boating (water bus service, canoeing or boat rental) and hiking. You can row part of your route and walk the rest. Ask private tourist services for more tips. For more information on private tourist services in Repovesi area, look at Services in Repovesi National Park or Koli Nature Centre Ukko.
  • Groups arriving by coach: We suggest that groups arrange to be picked up at a different parking area from the one they are arriving at. So the walk back and forth along the same trail can be avoided.
  • The water bus stops at Mustalamminvuori Hill, Kuutinlahti Bay, Lapinsalmi Sound and Karhulahti Bay.

Circle Trails

  • The Ketunlenkki "Fox Trail", 3,5 km, starts from the Lapinsalmi parking area. The tour begins by crossing the Lapinsalmi bridge.  From the shore of Katajajärvi, the trail continues onto the shore of Lake Kapiavesi. By the Kapiavesi rest spot, you can have a dip in the lake. There is no official beach. The Ketunlenkki Trail runs along the shores of Kapiavesi to the Fox Ferry, which is not in year-round use. After the ferry, there is only a short distance (0.6 km) to the Lapinsalmi parking area. Fox ferry. Photo: Mari Laukkanen.
  • Services: there is an information board by the Lapinsalmi parking area. There are chemical toilets by the Lapinsalmi parking area, in the vicinity of the Lapinsalmi bridge and by Lake Kapiavesi. There is a cooking shelter next to the Lapinsalmi bridge and a campfire site by Lake Kapiavesi. 
  • Sights: View from Lapinsalmi bridge.  Fox Ferry is a interesting feature especially for children.
  • Connection: Having walked from the Kapiavesi rest spot along the trail for about 1 km, you will arrive at a crossroads where there is a 200-m-long path to the Määkijä campfire site. From Määkijä, you can also continue towards Tervajärvi. From the vicinity of the Kapiavesi campfire site, you can set off for a trail to Kuutinkanava Canal. 

Koppelonkirros Trail goes around lake Tervajärvi.

  • The Koppelonkierros Trail (8,3 km) 
  • Koppelonkierros trail treats hikers to views across Tervajärvi Lake, shadowy cliff faces and mature forests. The old-growth forests of Tukkiniemi are also home to the animal from which the trail derives its name: koppelo, or female capercaillie.
  • Services and structures for hikers: There are several campsites on the trail. An information board, toilets and a canoe pier can be found close to Tervajärvi parking area. The launch site is accessible for cars. Toilets, campfire sites and picnic tables are provided in Lojukoski, Kuutinkanava and Talas. Lojukoski and Kuutinkanava also have canoe piers and wells (visit the What's New page to check if the water is fit for drinking). Short-term camping is allowed in Repovesi beside the campfire sites. See the Services page for a list of camping facilities at campfire sites.
    Please remember to bring your own toilet paper and check for forest and grass fire warnings! 
  • Route description: Orange dots on trees and Koppelonkierros symbols on signposts mark the trail.
    The trail can be followed in either direction. In the clockwise direction, the trail initially follows a relatively easy forest path to Talas for 700 m. It then crosses a service road cutting across the park and climbs up to a pine heath. After passing a long, majestic cliff face it reaches Kuutinkanava and then follows the northern shore of Tervajärvi Lake. The terrain here is often wet, especially in spring. The trail soon dives deeper into the forest towards Tukkiniemi, where you find the oldest trees in Repovesi National Park and some pristine natural forest. Before reaching Lojukoski, hikers cross a small bridge. From Lojukoski the trail runs along the boundary of Pahjajärvi shooting range, which is out of bounds for hikers. After a slope with a spruce forest, it continues as a broad, easy track where mountain biking is also permitted. The trail remains smooth after the scenic Sulkusalmi bridge, then turns right and ducks into the woods. The highlights of this trail, which is rocky and challenging in parts, are clifftops with lookout points offering views across Tervajärvi Lake. Old pines with thick bark or twisted small ones, decaying ancient spruces and black alders with their dark green leaves on the shore create a real wilderness atmosphere. The trail ends close by Tervajärvi parking area.
  • The Korpinkierros Trail (about 4.5 km) goes around Olhavanlampi Pond. 

  • The Kaakkurinkierros Trail, 24 km, runs via all parking areas, reservable Lapp huts and many sights.

Boating and Canoeing Routes

Repovesi National Park is known for its serene and beautiful waterways. Most of the waters, except large open waters, are suited also for beginners with orienteering skills. In August, the Night of Lanterns (Soihtujen Yö) Canoeing Event is held at Repovesi.

Try to keep a distance of at least 50 metres from private beaches of summer cottages. In the map, the private beaches belonging to summer cottages have been marked in red. Map (pdf, 6 Mb, in Lapinsalmi.

There are no marked boating and canoeing routes within the National Park, but if you have Repoveden ulkoilukartta (Repovesi Outdoor Map, 1:20 000) or Repoveden kansallispuiston palvelukartta (service map, 1:25 000), those are good enough. Canoeing routes can be planned by using the maps on the information boards. Remember that the north and north-eastern part of the park is a restricted army area with no access. When boating please keep at a distance from birds' nests and preserve their peace.

Long Canoeing Routes

Longer canoeing routes start from the Lapinsalmi parking area, for example, from where canoes can be transported onto the shore along the emergency access road. Sturdy canoe piers have been built to make landing ashore easier at Karhulahti, Lapinsalmi, Kapiavesi, Määkijä, Lojukoski, Mustavuori, Kuutinkanava and on the Lake Tervajärvi side of the national park at the entrance. By crossing isthmuses visitors can canoe in all of the parks small lakes, including Tervajärvi or Valkjärvi (via Mustalammi). A trailer is useful when moving a canoe.

The circular Savonselkä Canoeing Route is located on the west-side of Repovesi National Park in Lake Vuohijärvi. This route leads from Voikoski Rapids through Lake Vuohijärvi to Siikakoski Rapids and on from there to the idyllic mill village at Verla (Unesco World Heritage Site). The route, which is 360 km long, has been hailed the world's longest inland water canoe route. Through Hillosensalmi Sound canoeists can turn to the beautiful waters of Repovesi area. The Savonselkä Canoieng Route is marked and suits also for beginners. The route goes through backwoods as well as settled areas.

Biking Trails

Repovesi National Park's roads, such as Kuismantie Road which leads through the park, are suited for cycling. The terrain is hilly, so cyclists must be fit. According to the rules of conduct, mountain biking is allowed only on area's roads. You can also cycle on the maintenance routes and forest roads. Please see the map (pdf, 6 Mb,

  • Services and sights: There are no actual tourist sights or campfire sites along the roads, but there are some a short hike from the road. You can swim at Lakes Valkjärvi and Tervajärvi. There is no official beach.

Road 368 from Valkeala to Mäntyharju, which leads along the west boundary of the area, is part of a National Biking Trail number 15 (Mäntyharjun Mouhu-Orilampi-Selänpää-Jaala). It is easy to get from this trail to Repovesi National Park. Lake Orilampi is the end point of the Kymenlaakso Bike Trekking Trail.

Customer Service

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Destination Brochure

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Parking Areas


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