Trails in Dagmar Park

In total, there are a few kilometres of trails in the area. The area is not maintained in the winter. Some of the trails are easily accessible, while others are demanding due to wide variations in elevation.

The first part of the path to Dagmarspark is accessible to visitors with wheelchairs, rollators and prams. Assistants are recommended for visitors in wheelchairs.

The trails to Dagmars spring, the emperor's memorial, the emperor's table Källviken's beach, Vitsand and Skutvuiken are steep and are not accessible.

Trail surfaces vary from gravel to hard-packed sand, with some sections having softer sand. In wet weather, the trails may be slippery in patches, as there are roots and moss in the trails.



Dagmar’s spring

From the parking area, there is an approximately 350-metre trail leading to Dagmar’s spring. The first part of the trail is easily accessible. The rest of the trail is steep and has stairs with a handrail. There, you can stop and look out over the spring and its beautiful, fairy tale-like setting.

Stone monument commemorating the visit by the Czar and Czarina

If you want to see the source up close, there are sturdy stairways with handrails that lead down to Dagmar’s spring and the monument.

Kejsarbordet - “Czar’s Table”

An approximately 500-metre trail leads to Kejsarbordet, or the “Czar’s Table”. The trail is demanding due to roots, sand and rugged terrain. Assistants are recommended for visitors in wheelchairs. 

Bring along a picnic basket, just like the Czar and Czarina did in their day, find a nice spot to sit and enjoy the fabulously beautiful setting.


The mouth of the spring is located right next to the beach, hence the name Källviken. The area has no public swimming beach, but there is a beautiful natural shore here. You can enjoy lazy days in the sun and cool off with a refreshing dip! The trail leading down to the beach is quite steep, as the terrain is quite rugged here.


A beautiful 1.5-km trail leads to the western section of the area, where there are fortifications from the Crimean War at Vitsand. Once there, let your imagination take you back to the time of the Crimean War.


There is a one-kilometre trail to the sand beach at Skutviken in the eastern section of the area. At Skutviken, you can enjoy view out over the bay and see Ekenäs, part of the city of Raseborg (  

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Dagmar Park, Vitsand and Skutviken are all owned by the Fiskars corporation. The trails to Vitsand and Skutviken may be occasionally closed to the public due to forest work or other types of activity being carried out in the area.