What's Currently Happening on the Island of Seili

Customer service provided by Metsähallitus will be cancelled in nature and other visitor centres including Science Centre Pilke starting on Monday 16 March. Web, social media and phone services provided by Metsähallitus will continue and increase. 

In some nature and visitor centres customer service is provided by private companies which are partners for Metsähallitus in sustainable tourism. Some of these activities will continue, but Metsähallitus is also discussing the continuation of these activities with its partners.

Group guidings and larger events are cancelled in all nature centres and in Science Centre Pilke.

Metsähallitus encourages people to enjoy the outdoors, but following the healthcare authoriries’ instructions. Picnic sites, cooking huts, daytrip huts and wilderness huts can be used for, but customers are encouraged to follow the advice from healthcare authorities. 

Metsähallitus advises everyone to avoid the most popular destinations, in order to avoid problems due to traffic jams and infection risk. 

  • Museum church opening hours 2018:
    • 13.6.-13.8., 19.-20.8., 26.-27.8. and 2.-3.9. between 11am-3pm.
  • The summer 2018 opening hours for the museum church are to be released soon.
  • A new operator, Skärgårdskompaniet, opens accommodation and restaurant services in Seili in June 2017 (www.visitseili.fi). You can find the restaurant and a café in the main building about 800 meters from the ferry pier. The restaurant serves lunch and breakfast.
  • Summer events on the island can be seen in the event calendar on the website www.visitseili.fi
  • Multi-artistic workgroup has produced a work of art that uses memories of the people who have lived and worked on the island of Seili as a source, to tell visitors stories about the island. Headsets with the stories are available for rent at the info point at Nauvo's connecting quay starting from July 1st. More information about the audio-walk on the island (in Finnish, http://audiomatka.fi/seili)
  • Topical summary of the Archipelago Research Institute, Centre for Environmental Research of the University of Turku (www.seili.utu.fi, in Finnish)
  • Pro Seili–Själö association's event calendar (www.proseili.fi) in Finnish
  • Museum Church of Seili blog (seilinmuseokirkko.blogspot.fi, in Finnish)