Hiking Trails

Starting Points for Trails

Circle Trails

  • Utsjoki Hiking Trail as a circular trail, 35 km, is made up of Utsjoki Hiking Trail and the 10 km section between Lake Mantojärvi and Utsjoki (see Utsjoki Hiking Trail, 25 km). It starts and ends at Utsjoki Nature Information Hut. Most part of the trail is in the open fell area. The last section from Lake Mantojärvi to Utsjoki goes through the valley of the River Vuolleseavttet, from where the trail continues up to the top of the Vuolleseavttetvárri Fell (299 m), before descending to the village of Utsjoki.
    • Services: Campfire sites of Johtalanvárri, Lake Goahppelašjávri, Lake Nammajärvi and Heargevarri; open wilderness hut of Lake Goahppelašjávri.

Other Trails

  • Utsjoki Hiking Trail, 25 km. For the most part, the trail leds in the open fell area. The northern starting point of the trail is at Utsjoki Nature Information Hut, and the southern end at Mantojärvi Church. Along the trail, there are wilderness lakes and river valleys. The highest top along the trail is Roavveoaivi (466 m), on top of which you get a great view to the snowcapped Rastigaissa Fell in Norway. Before Mantojärvi, the River Badjeseavttet is crossed in a fording place.
    • Services: Campfire sites of Johtalanvárri, Lake Goahppelašjávri and Lake Nammajärvi; open wilderness hut of Lake Goahppelašjávri

Old Tracks and Roads

  • There is a track from the southern side of the Sámi village of Outakoski, from the road 970 (Karigasniemi - Utsjoki) to Lake Akujärvi.

Other Hiking Tips

  • Own paths: The marked trails in the northeastern and the northwestern parts of the Wilderness Area cover only a small part of the area. There are many places worth seeing, which cannot be reached walking on marked trails. However, a wilderness area is always a demanding hiking destination, and therefore experience in hiking is necessary.
  • In the winter: The silent Wilderness Area, covered in snow, is ideal for trekking. The changing weather and the forces of nature in the harsh conditions make it different and challenging also for those with a lot of experience.

Snowmobile Tracks