The Evo Camping Centre in Hämeenlinna offers an excellent setting with permanent structures for organising large or small camps and events. The versatile camping centre is particularly well suited to camping events organised by scouts and other parties thanks to its transport connections, the services in the area and the natural conditions. The camping centre can be booked year round: The roads to Käenpesä lean-to shelter and Jussi's campfire shelter are ploughed in the winter.

At the Evo Camping Centre, it is possible to organise a jamboree for up to 10,000 people or four smaller camps with less than 100 participants simultaneously. Evo's wide road network, the camping centre's water and sewer networks, and the electricity and Internet networks designed for jamborees guarantee modern and functional camp conditions for district camps as well as jamborees.

The camping centre is located between Lakes Pitkäniemenjärvi and Ylinen Rautjärvi. The camping centre's terrain is varied, consisting of subtle heaths and easy-to-walk pine forests. The camping site is divided by a former 0.5-km-long runway.

The current permanent camping centre was designed and realised in cooperation by Metsähallitus and the Guides and Scouts of Finland. Scouts have the right to pre-book the camp sites for the following year from May 1st to October 31st. After that, anyone can make reservations for the following year.


  • All prices include VAT 24 %.
  • The areas (Kulottaja, Hiilestäjä, Kymppi and Uittaja) for small camps (less than 100 people) cost 3 €/person/day, rental time 14:00–12:00, minimum fee 55 €/camp segment.
  • The area for district camps comprises all segments (400-5,000 people). The area costs 3 €/person/day, rental time 14:00–12:00, minimum 900 €.
  • Jamborees (minimum: more than 400 people; even 12,000 people). Equiries: Metsähallitus Customer Service: sisasuomi(at), tel. int. +358 206 39 5270.
  • Jeo’s Campfire Shelter: 35 € / day. Booked together with camp segment in Kulottaja, 3 € / person / day, minimum price 55 € / camp segment. The reservation day starts at 2 pm and ends at 12 noon the next day. 
  • Jussi's campfire shelter: 75 €/day, rental time 14:00–12:00
  • Käenpesä lean-to shelter: 85 €/day, rental time 14:00–12:00 


  • Until the end of October (1.5.-31.10.) only scouts can make reservations for next year. After that, anyone can make reservations for the following year.
  • Reservations for small camps, district camps, jamborees, Jussi's campfire shelter and Käenpesä lean-to shelter: Metsähallitus Customer Service, sisasuomi(at), tel. int. +358 206 39 5270 (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm).
  • NOTE: Scouts, please book your camps through the headquarters of the Guides and Scouts of Finland (, Suomen Partiolaiset ry)


  • Keys for the Käenpesä Lean-to Shelter are in the key cabinet located on the outside wall of the dry toilet (near lean-to shelter). The key cabinet will open with the code that you get when you make the reservation.
  • The key must be returned to the key cabinet after reservation. If the key is lost, we collect a compensation fee of 100 euros.
  • If you have questions about the keys or the key cabinet, please contact: Metsähallitus, Customer service by email sisasuomi(at) or phone +358 (0) 206 39 5270 on weekdays from 9 am to 3 pm.


  • Each camp segment (Kulottaja, Hiilestäjä, Uittaja and Kymppi) has dry toilet, woodsheds and campfire sites. There is a programme area named Oravanmiilu next to the Hiilestäjä segment.
  • Equipment at Jeo's Campfire Shelter 
  • The campfire shelter is accessible to all. The bottom of the shelter has been paved. Next to the campfire shelter, there is a building that has four dry toilets and one dry toilet with easy access, a woodshed and electricity. Read more about Jussi's campfire shelter
  • Käenpesä Lean-to Shelter accommodates 10 people. There is a fireplace in the lean-to shelter that can also be used even when a wildfire warning is in effect. A dry toilet and a campfire site are located very close to the lean-to shelter. Read more about Käenpesä Lean-to Shelter
  • The two water points and a place for swimming are in shared use. There are no official beaches in the area.


Evo Camping Centre is located in Evo Hiking Area in Southern Finland, Häme Region, in the town of Hämeenlinna, along the road 53 (Lammi - Padasjoki).


Services in the Surrounding Area 

Lammi (located some 20 km from Evo) has a wide range of services.

Check List for the Camp Organisers

  • Remember to take toilet paper with you.
  • Plan your camp so that you minimise the amount of waste produced.
  • Do not dig pole latrines in the area.
  • You can make enquiries about construction material (tree stems and poles) and their costs at: HAMK / Esa Lientola +358 40 763 9735, esa.lientola(at)
  • Service vehicles may drive along the road to the camp segments. Driving on the terrain is not allowed. Parking area at the northern end of the runway, see map (pdf-file, 2 313 kb, in Finnish).
  • Remember that lighting campfires is forbidden if a wildfire warning is in effect!
  • When the dry toilets get full or the woodshed becomes empty, contact the customer service line on tel. +358 206 39 5270, sisasuomi(at) (Mon-Fri 9am-3pm).
  • Two water points are available for your use, see map (pdf-file, 2 313 kb, in Finnish).  

Maintenance and Management

  • Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife, Lakeland.
  • More information: Metsähallitus Customer Service, sisasuomi(at), tel. int. +358 206 39 5270.

Terms of reservation

Read the terms of reservation.