Starting Points for Karhunkierros

Starting points listed from north to south are

Karhunkierros Trail can be divided into sections, which each take a couple of days to hike. Each of these sections starts and ends at trail starting points, which are all on coach routes. For more information read the directions page.

Respect nature and other hikers. Also refer to the instructions using the huts before hiking.

Three hikers on a cliff by the Kiutaköngäs falls.

Trail Sections

Karhunkierros Trail can be divided into 4 sections, which each have demanding and non-demanding parts. There is much to see nature wise and you will find new sights to admire all the time. There are mires, cliffs, herb-rich forests, dry pine forests, meadows and much more, such as Oulanka National Park's scenic spots, which includes roaring rapids sheltered by an ancient cliff wall.

The trail meanders from the level easy to travel forest terrain in the north of the National Park to the rocky river banks and steep fells in park's south. In spring when the snows melt and the ground thaws conditions are reversed. Small brooks and rivers which have their sources in the mires flood. This makes crossing flowing water difficult. During rain duckboards, hanging bridges and rocky parts of the terrain can be slippery.

A hiker leaning on a pine tree and admiring the view from Ristikallio cliffs.

Trail Markings

The trail is marked with orange paint markings on trees and signposts.

Nice to know

The Karhunkierros Hiking Trail is also known as The Bear's Trail or The Bear's Ring.

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