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Inquiries about Metsähallitus Hiking Destinations and Services

If you want information on a specific hiking or outdoor recreation destination, contact them directly with the contact information on every destination's respective page.

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Ordering Metsähallitus' Brochures and Other Publications

Metsähallitus publishes destination brochures as well as reports on the natural features, history, and use of the protected areas and hiking areas. Most of them are available as web publications, some additionally in print. A few publications are available only in print.

The products are also available at Metsähallitus' customer service points but the selection varies.

Postage and handling costs are added to the price when delivering the order by post. The publication prices include value added tax (10 %). It is worthwhile negotiating discounts when ordering larger amounts from customer service points. Website

The website is maintained by Metsähallitus.

You can contact us by filling our feedback form. Metsähallitus, Parks and Wildlife Finland.

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