The Evo Hiking Area is located in the Häme region’s city of Hämeenlinna and the municipality of Padasjoki along the Lammi-Padasjoki highway (no. 53). Evo is located approximately 20 km from Lammi, 25 km from Padasjoki, 50 km from Hämeenlinna, 70 km from Lahti and 110 km from Tampere.

To the Hiking Trails

The hiking trails start at the parking areas at Lake Niemisjärvi, Syrjänalunen, Kelkute or Luutajoki River or at the Evo Centre. Starting points for the hiking trails.

To Evo by Bus

There are several buses ( running between Hämeenlinna and Lahti each day, some of which stop at the Lammi bus station. On school days, the local bus ( from the Lammi bus station runs to the Evo Centre.

To Hämeenlinna by Train

The closest railway station ( to the Evo Hiking Area is in Hämeenlinna (43 km).

To Evo by Car

Evo Centre parking area, Saarelantie 1, Hämeenlinna. The parking area is maintained by the Häme University of Applied Sciences.

Lake Niemisjärvi parking area, Niemisjärventie 281, Hämeenlinna. Especially when arriving from Hämeenlinna, many GPS navigators will direct you to turn onto Liesontie and drive via Porraskoskentie. However, this route does not go all the way through to the Evo Centre, as there is a gate blocking the road. The correct route runs via Ruuhijärventie. Space for approximately 30 cars. Winter maintenance.

Syrjänalunen parking area, Vappulantie 190, Hämeenlinna. Winter maintenance.

Luutajoki River parking area, Ruuhijärventie 3, Hämeenlinna. Winter maintenance.

Haarajärvi parking area, Talvilammentie 551, Hämeenlinna.  No winter maintenance.

Rahtijärvi parking area, Talvilammentie 52, Hämeenlinna. Winter maintenance.

Keltaoja parking area, Talvilammentie 265, Hämeenlinna. Winter maintenance.

Vähä-Koukkujärvi / Lastenlampi parking area, Kalliojärventie 90, Hämeenlinna. Winter maintenance.

There is a parking area for caravans and trailers at Lake Niemisjärvi. Reservation Niemisjärvi Kioski (, in Finnish) phone +358 44 9840938 or Winter maintenance.

Please note that the Evo Camping Centre is used by groups which have reserved the area. The airport in the camping area serves as a parking area for events. Parking is arranged elsewhere for jamborees. Winter maintenance for Jeo’s Campfire Shelter, Jussi’s Campfire Shelter and Käenpesä Lean-to Shelter. Saukonojantie 27, Hämeenlinna.

Tarus hiking area parking areas

Kelkute parking area, Kelkutteentie 486, Padasjoki. Maintained by the City of Hämeenlinna.

Taruksenmäki parking area, Taruksentie 297, Padasjoki River. Maintained by the City of Hämeenlinna.