What's Currently Happening in Oulanka Visitor Centre

Oulanka Visitor Centre and wilderness huts open again in June

(Updated 12.5.2020)
Oulanka Visitor Centre will be open daily at 10-16 starting from the 1st of June. Welcome!

The wilderness huts along the Karhunkierros trail will also be open for the hikers starting in June. Please read the coronavirus guidelines before heading to your hike.   

Please note, that there can be changes in the opening hours, if the development of the COVID-19 situation demands it. We will inform you about the possible changes on Nationalparks.fi and on the Facebook site of Oulanka National Park. 

Head to the Karhunkierros Trail at the earliest in June

(Updated 8.5.2020)
Planning to hike the Karhunkierros Trail in May? We highly recommend of postponing your hike to June. 

There is still a lot of snow in Oulanka: less in sunny spots, much more in the shadows where the snow depth can be even over knee height. Night frosts slow down the melting process of snow. Also, the weather forecast is saying, that it will snow in Oulanka in the following days. When the temperature rises, snow can melt quickly - but there is still one important thing to take into consideration: the rivers and streams of Oulanka start to flood after snow melts. 

Flood waters cut off the Karhunkierros trail in several locations. During the flood the currents can be strong and transport driftwood and other material. Flood water can stay high over a week. When the water level decreases, parts of the trail will still be wet and muddy for several days. 

It is impossible to forecast the duration and impact of the flood precisely. Due to great amount of snow this year, the flood might be big. Now it is evaluated that the flood peak will be in the end of May, near the beginning of June. We recommend of hiking the Karhunkierros trail at the earliest in June. 

You can keep an eye on the development of the water level of the Oulankajoki river here.

Huts closed in Oulanka National Park and other hiking destinations due to coronavirus

(Updated 27.3.2020)
Metsähallitus is closing the open wilderness huts and day huts in the national parks of Northern Ostrobothnia and Kainuu and in other popular hiking destinations managed by Metsähallitus in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus starting from 27.3.2020. The maintenance of winter routes in national parks has also been terminated for the rest of this winter.

Open wilderness huts and day huts are now closed: Savilampi, Ristikallio, Taivalköngäs, Kerojärvi, Ansakämppä, Jussinkämppä, Siilastupa Open Wilderness Huts, Puikkokämppä Day Hut and Jussinkämppä and Ylikota Kota Huts.

The buildings will be locked and a notice explaining the prohibition of use will be attached to the door. Notifications will also be placed at the starting points of routes and other central places. Information on closed sites will be updated on the sites of Metsähallitus' nationalparks.fi website. Read the news about closing the huts.

Udated information of corona virus affections on hiking  https://www.nationalparks.fi/coronavirusguidelines.

Changes in the opening hours of the customer service

(Updated 26.3.2020)
Oulanka Visitor Centre is still closed for the time being. The customer service of the visitor centre is at your service on Facebook, by phone and e-mail from Monday to Friday at 10-16. The contact information can be found here

Oulanka Wilderness Trail is closed

(Updated 25.3.2020)
The Oulanka Wilderness Trail is now closed and its maintenance has ended for this winter.  

Remember good hygiene also when being in nature

(Updated 25.3.2020)
The toilets of Oulanka National Park are still in use, but please remember good hygiene due to the current coronavirus pandemy. The hygiene instructions given by the Finnish health authorities (THL) have to be followed also when being in nature. Please read the coronavirus guidelines of Finnish national parks too.

Oulanka Visitor Centre is closed for the time being

(Updated 16.3.2020)
Oulanka Visitor Centre is closed for the time being. More information here. The customer service of the visitor centre is at your service on Facebook, by phone and e-mail. The contact information can be found here

There is no winter maintenance on the trails of Oulanka 

(Updated 25.11.2019)
Winter is progressing and deep snow covers the paths of Oulanka. Cold weather and snow are making hiking more difficult and some of the trails are no longer walkable. More information about hiking in winter you can find from information and rules pages. There is no winter maintenance on the Oulanka routes, but for example the Kiutaköngäs Trail (1 km) from Oulanka Visitor Centre to the rapids is possible to walk without snowshoes almost all winter. Of course all the stairs can be very slippery. Other recommended trails for winter hiking can be found in the Oulanka Winter Trails section.

Forest roads have no winter maintenance; for example, the roads to the starting points for the Kanjonin kurkkaus Trail and the Könkään kuohu access route are not plowed in winter.

Ice covers of ditches, streams and rivers are dangerous

(Updated 22.11.2019)
It is difficult to distinguish the edges of ditches, streams and rivers from snowflake rivers and snowy terrain. The rains and warm climates have further weakened the ice. The terrain is now slippery and wet. Be careful when hiking nex to the waterways.

The cable boat at the Niitselysjoki River in the Keroharjun Kuiskaus Trail will be taken out of use for winter in 2.10.2019

(Updated 30.9.2019)
The cable boat at the Niitselysjoki river in the northern starting point of the Keroharjun Kuiskaus Trail will be taken out of use for winter on Wednesday (2.10.2019). After that the trail can’t be started from the northern starting point, because it is not possible to go over the river without the cable boat. The southern starting point in Liikasenvaara at the Harjulammentie road is still in use.