In the late winter you can do an owl watching trip to Öjen. With a bit of luck you can hear the spring displays of both Finland's smallest owl (Eurasian pygmy owl) and the largest owl (Northern eagle owl). In the beginning of the spring you can hear the thrum of the three-toed woodpecker and the black woodpecker.

During the spring and early summer, visitors with a keen ear can hear the high-pitched singing of a goldcrest and the warning sounds of a tit. At twilight a sing thrush begins its beautiful concert which might be accompanied by melancholic blackbird.

Nature Trail

In the area there is a 4,5 kilometres long nature trail. Along the trail there are information signs and a campfire site.

A group of hikers on a lunch break at the campfire site of Öjen nature trail.

Berry and Mushroom Picking

Billberries ripen towards the end of July. When it is a good blueberry harvest year, one can quickly fill one's bucket with big and juicy blueberries. During the beginning of autumn mushrooms pop up – bring your mushroom basket with you to Öjen! Later in the autumn lingonberries and cranberries ripen. Cranberries are at their best after the autumn's first frosty nights.