The National Park is located by sea about 18 km, that is, 10 International nautical miles, south of Ekenäs town centre. A busy route between Helsinki and Hanko goes nearby the park.

Getting to the National Park is only possible by sea. The harbour, located right in the centre (Pohjoinen Rantakatu 15, Ekenäs) is easy to find. It is about 120 km from Turku and about 100 km from Helsinki. 


Getting to the hiking trails

Getting to the National Park is only possible by your own boat or a taxi boat. You can also paddle to the park’s islands but this requires solid experience in sea paddling. 

Jussarö, Älgö and Modermagan islands have marked trails

By boat to the Ekenäs Archipelago

The best way to get to the sites around the archipelago is by boat.

On request, our partners organise boat transports and cruises to the National Park. 

By bicycle to the Ekenäs Archipelago National Park

A few bikes can usually fit in taxi boats. However, please make sure this is possible when booking. The coastal route ( passes through the archipelago in parts.

By bus to the centre of Ekenäs

There are bus connections from Helsinki and Turku to the Ekenäs city centre. You can find bus connections on Matkahuolto’s website (

By train to Ekenäs city centre

There are train connections to Ekenäs’ city centre from Helsinki and Turku. You can find schedules for trains on VR's website (

By car to Ekenäs Archipelago National Park 

  • Ekenäs city centre, Pohjoissatama (North Harbour), address of the parking lot: Pohjoinen Rantakatu 15, 10600 Ekenäs. By taxi boat ( to the Ekenäs archipelago in the summer.
  • Skärlandet boat harbour, Sommarö, parking address: Sommaröstranden 44, 10600 Ekenäs. By taxi boat ( to the Ekenäs archipelago in the summer.   


Nearby attractions

Raseborg Castle Ruin, Linnantie 110, 10710 Snappertuna

  • Raseborg's medieval castle is one of Finland's most important and majestic castle ruins. It offers a peek into the fascinating Middle Ages when Finland was still part of the Swedish kingdom. Raseborg Castle has seen life from the everyday activities of an administrative centre to luxurious royal life. Wander around the knights’ hall and in the tower rooms, immerse yourself in the atmosphere of past wars in the shooting corridor and admire the landscapes from the viewing platform!

Dagmar Park, Leksvallintie 322, 10660 Raseborg

  • A popular day trip destination named after the Danish-born princess Dagmar (Emperor Maria Fjodorovna). The Czar of Russia Alexander III and his Danish wife Dagmar sailed on their yacht to visit the spring five times at the end of the 19th century.