Hiking and Diving Trails

There are nature trails on the following islands:

  • BerghamnPargas, 60° 03,4´, 21°47,8´
    In Berghamn there are two nature trails, which begin at the Berghamn Nature Information Hut. One going to east is about 500 m long, and the other going to Kummelberget in the west side is about 800 m.

A woman is on a wooden bridge leading across a dell that grows junipers and crowberries.

  • BjörköPargas, 59° 53,9´, 21° 40,7´
    The nature trail in Björkö island is some 2,3 km and takes you along the lake "Insjön".
  • Boskär, Pargas,60° 02,0´, 21° 46,7´
    On Boskär´s nature trail, 700 m, you can get to know the natural features of the leaf fodder meadow.
  • Dalskär, Pargas 60° 05,10', 22° 09,10'Statuetrail consists from six underwater statues beside Armi Nurminen's Kalakoto –statue. Buoys and ropes will guide divers and snorkelers throught the statuetrail, which lies at the depth of 3 to 4 meters. The statues are made by students from Turun Suomalainen Yhteiskoulu –high school. Works reflects human relationship to sea environment.
  • Holma, Kimitoön, 59° 54,47´, 22°22,25´
    There are two nature trails in Holma. Linsno, about 600 m, shows the traditional landscape and Gölpö, about 2 km, the archipelago forest.
  • Högland, Kimitoön, 60° 06,5´, 22° 60° 06,5' 22° 18,9'
    Högland is the highest island of the Archipelago. It rises 41 m above the sea level. The nature trail, about 1,5 km, leads to the highest point of the island, where there is a scenic lookout tower. At the shore there are old crofter's cottage grounds.
  • JungfruskärPargas, 60° 08,30, 21° 04,70
    Along the 3-km-long nature trail in Jungfruskär you will see the oldest traditional landscape area of the National Park.
  • Konungskär, Birsskär, Pargas, 60°03,9´, 21° 35,0´
    Around Konungskär Open Wilderness Hut there is a nature trail, which is about 300 m long.
  • A sign that refers to the nature trail.Stora HästöPargas, 60° 04,4´, 21° 32,4´
    Stora Hästö is a rugged outer island, where there is a 1,3-km-long nature trail. The first underwatertrail in the Archipelago is on the west side of the island.
  • Yxskär, Kimitoön, 59° 52,5´, 22° 03,5´
    Yxskär is an old pasture island of the people from Vänö Island. On the 800-m-long nature trail you can learn about the plants and birds of the area.

Hikers on a nature trail in a lush summery birch forest. The sea can barely be seen between the trees.

  • Örö, Kimitoön59° 48.63', 22° 20.15'
    Trails provide hikers with access to all corners of the Örö island. The 6" trail (around 4,7 km) runs to the southern tip of the island, with magnificent views over the sea. On the way, hikers can explore artillery posts, barracks and defence posts. The 120 mm trail (around 5.1 km) leads to the northern parts of the island through coastal meadows, old forests and the open western shore. In addition, Örö features 6 km of old cobbled roads for easy movement between sites

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